Monday, March 5, 2007

Happy Birthday - Sandy!

I wanted to wish my sister, Sandy, a very Happy Birthday. Eventhough I couldn't be with her on her very special day, I hope she had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, Doug and Millard mulched and fertilized the lawn while Peggy, Katie and myself went to Hobby Lobby for the afternoon. I told Peggy I could get lost in Hobby Lobby and probably spend a fortune if I could. I love getting neat craft ideas from there. I was so happy they still had the dragonfly mesh decor. I was planning on purchasing some adhesive hooks to put on the ceil of her room in order to hang the dragonflies. Doug doesn't think it will work too good. Does anyone have any suggestions? Our yard ornaments have really aged. So, we got a couple of yard stakes (frog and fairy) for the flowerbeds. Katie is so excited, she loves her frog.

On Sundays, I try to talk up Church, Friends & Jesus with Katie. I'll ask her if she wants to go to Church and play with her friends and learn about Jesus. Most of the time she says "No," but when we finally get to church she starts to get excited. Yesterday, we drove up into the church parking lot and her eyes got so big - "Friends, friends." She was so excited. She just couldn't wait to get to her room. As I was filling out her security sticker, she said "bye, bye Mommy" and down the hallway she went to her room. I was so proud of her. My baby is growing up. At home, I put on the Wizard of Oz, while I was getting supper ready. When the cowardly loin came on she got so excited. "Mommy, Mommy . . . loin." She said that a few times, especially when the loin started singing. So cute! She stayed glued to the tube through the whole movie.

I won a bid on a cute shorts outfit scroll down to see the outfit. It's an adorable sleeveless top with a kitty cat and polka dots with lilac shorts. I can't hardly wait to put it on her.

This morning, Katie tried on all of her new Spring/Summer dresses and I am so tickled that they all fit perfectly. Now, I have to make sure we have hair clips/bows to match all the outfits. Right now, I'm looking for her a bathing suit and short sets. I think she has plenty of dresses for this Spring/Summer. I was so proud of her earlier today. She didn't eat her play dough! Woo Hoo! She loves the stuff, but I usually have a hard time to get her not to eat the stuff. We made snakes and a mouse. She had a good time playing with her play dough and I had a good time because I wasn't all the time on her about not eating it.

I hope everyone have a wonderful day. Take care and God Bless!


Laura said...

Outfit was cute! I hope you win it!

Laura said...

I could spend a small fortune on that ragsland site you sent me!! Have you bought anything? Did you see the cupcake dress? I'm seriously considering selling the smocked dress I bought and buying this (cupcake dress) as her birthday dress!! It is too cute!!