Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shocking American Idol Results

I was so shocked when Sanjaya & Antonelle didn't get voted off tonight. I expected Leslie & AJ would eventually be voted off, but not so soon. Sanjaya & Antonelle got a big break. If they don't want to be voted off next week, they best be doing some wowing!

Alabama Storms
Katie and I went to Mom, Dad, June & Pat's for the afternoon, during the storms. Well, there wasn't much action here like they first thought. It seems that most of the bigger storms hit South Alabama around Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately, these were one of the bad storms where tornadoes hit before you have time to think and then it's over. Poor Enterprise received one of these terrible storms. As of tonight, it is reported 15 dead at Enterprise High School. Here's the article:
Please keep this schools parents, students & facility in your prayers. It's reported that 18 total deaths due to these storms in Alabama.

Take care & God Bless!

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Laura said...

Which one was AJ and who is Leslie? I don't remember them. What did they sing the other night? Yeah, I thought Sanjay was a goner! Glad you guys are okay! I tried to call you back tonight?