Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bring It On Girls!

American Idol
Another week of great performances from the girls - Sabrina, LaKisha, Stephanie, Jordin & Melinda did outstanding again. Tonight was the first time I really felt entertained with Gina's performance. Like Sanjaya, I will be surprised if Antonella make's it another week. Saying that, I felt so bad for her and Haley having their self-esteem ripped out and stomped on. You know, they did all they could do and they did great to make it this far. I liked LaKisha's dress and appearance tonight, much better than last week. Simon really praised her about her look. I just really like Melinda. She is such a fantastic and confident singer, but yet she's so humble. There is something about her that makes her sparkle. I do think she has a cute appearance. Don't forget the final results for the guys and gals is tomorrow night.

I didn't get to do what I had planned, simply because Doug woke up sick this morning. "Get me a bucket!" "I'm sick!" Yuck! What's so bad is I'm one of those sympathic vomiters. If I see it or hear it, I have to force it back down. Last night, I didn't get much sleep (my fault) because of surfin' the web. It's too addicting, especially when you have a laptop in the bed with you (easy access). So, I really wasn't feeling good myself by the time it was all over. Doug seems to think he ate a bad hamburger from the frig. I couldn't remember when I cooked it. That's probably the first red flag. He said he went to bed not feeling good. Well, food poison or not, I decided to stay home and sanitize the house. Thankfully, Katie kind of understood because she let me do a lot of the work. I wanted Doug to stay in bed for at least an hour to make sure he was going to be alright, but oh no. He stayed in bed for 15 minutes and he was up and at 'em. I guess he was weighing his opinions - stay home with Mirya & Katie or go to work. It makes me wonder how awful it would be to spend a normal day with Katie and myself. Since she's been starting her terrible twos, I'm constantly on her back making sure she doesn't do anything to hurt herself or be a little brat. Doug said he felt fine the rest of the day and is still doing good. So, I guess we will go the Monograms Plus and Wal-Mart tomorrow sometime (hopefully).

We are the Wizard of Oz family now! I'm so glad Doug went out and bought her the DVD because that's all she wants to see "lion." I gave in today and let her watch it twice (morning and evening). While we were watching American Idol, Katie was sitting (standing) on her picnic table saying "lion," "witch." Looking at those sad eyes, I felt guilty when I said,"no, no Wizard of Oz right now." She smiled and giggled as soon as I told her, we would watch it tomorrow. I don't blame her, The Wizard of Oz was always one of my favorite movies along with The Sound of Music. Classics! You should see her face when the witch comes on. If I'm watching with her, she gets right up in my face (her big eyes) - "witch." I've caught her singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." You know, (proud Mommy here) she did pretty good. Of course, the only word she could say was rainbow (very plain), but the whole rhythm was good. In fact, whenever a song came on (several) that was her que to start swaying and hum (mumble) the song. So cute!

I got Katie's new short's outfit in the mail today. I have to say that was pretty fast because I won the bid on Saturday and I received it today. I'm impressed. It is so cute and Katie seems to like it. We'll really like the outfit this Summer because it has some spandex in it, which makes it feel silky. I've got one more outfit (Chicken Noodle brandname) bookmarked that I like. The bid ends in a couple of days. Doug liked this one dress (Little Mass brandname) it was a type of hanky dress with bloomers (sheer). I'm sure we would love it during the Summer when it's hot and sticky, but you could see right through it (top & bottom). It was real pretty, but I wasn't for sure about the sheer look. I backed out from bidding on it at the last minute.

Laura - This is an answer to your question from yesterday regarding the dresses. The dresses actually came from Millard and Peggy. They went to a special sale at Parisians and ended up buying 2 smocked dresses (one was Carriage Boutique) and 1 Short sleeve Courdroy type dress from Carriage Boutique. I told them how lucky they were to get these dresses on sale. In my opinion, it's hard to find CB on sale.

Yes, I've proof read this blog and I've noticed a lot of "really" through out this whole journal. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking them off because I mean it.

I just got off the phone with Maryann and she said Ryan was coming home tomorrow. I'm so excited. Hopefully, he'll be able to tell me about his experience in Mobile and working at the hospital. Saturday, we are having a get together at their house to visit with Ryan and Jen. More importantly, Jen's parents from TN are coming down to visit. Hopefully, we'll get to meet them. I hear nice things about her family from Ryan. It would be nice to put a face with the name and I'm sure they feel the same way about us. I can't say it enough, how proud I am of the man Ryan has become and Lord willing will have a very bright future waiting for him.

Until then, take care of each other and God Bless You in many ways!

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Laura said...

Okay. Now I remember you mentioning them earlier. I thought maybe it was some new dresses you won off Ebay! Enjoy!