Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's with the hair, Sanjaya?

We started the day by going out to eat with Aunt Sherry and Mom for lunch. I introduced Aunt Sherry to Katie as "Lolli." For a couple months, Aunt Sherry has requested that Mom teach Katie to say "Lolli." This is the name Sherry's grandchildren call her instead of Grandma. Katie really took up with "Lolli," I think it's because Sherry played around and picked on her. Later this afternoon, Aunt Sherry called me and asked if her and Mom could stop by the house. Sherry and Roger recently had to have their dog, Princess, put down because of old age and she had a tumor in her side. The last time I saw the dog, it looked real bad. Apparently, they feel it's time to get another dog. We got on the computer and looked up some terrier breeds. She was really taken by the Cairn and Norwich breeds. I was somewhat surprised at the cost of the Norwich Terriers - $2000-$4000 approx. The Cairn Terriers (Toto type from Wizard of Oz) cost around $400-$900 approx. After seeing the price, she said she would get a Cairn mix. She couldn't get over the price for puppies, but I had to remind her a lot of those puppies came from Championship Bloodlines. I will have to say, I've never seen a white/cream colored Cairn Terrier - very pretty. They kind of remind me of a Westie.

I had to run a few errands after lunch. I found the Cowardly Lion doll from "The Wizard of Oz" movie. I think I mentioned it from one of my past blogs, that I wanted to get Katie the doll. Well, Wal-Mart had only one lion left and I had to get it. We will give it to her for Easter. I finally picked up her dress that I had monogrammed from Monograms Plus. The dress was ready to be picked up a week ago. I also found Katie a slip to wear with a couple of her dresses. Yes, today was a day to mark off the list of things I needed to get.

Some of you are probably wondering what is going on with my blog. Well, I had a few comments of concern from some family members about my blogging. A couple showed real concern that some crazy person would find out where I lived, no matter how careful I was, and might cause problems for me or family. My Mother told me I needed to grow up and not blog anymore. She's never read or seen any of my blogs, so I took that comment like a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I appreciate the love shown by my family and I respect their opinion thus my restrictions.

Tomorrow, Susan is suppose to go over to Mom & Dad's to visit with Aunt Sherry and Uncle Roger. She wants to see Katie for a little bit, so I told her I would be there as well. Hopefully, Katie will be on her best behavior. We have really been butting heads already this week and it's just Tuesday. She is having to learn the hard way to mind me and I mean what I say. On my end, it's very exhausting, but I'm trying to be consistent. Because she wouldn't mind me, she bumped her head twice today. One is running on the couch and not sitting down or getting off. There she went into the floor, hitting her head. She was okay. She has a little bruise on her forehead. People tell me it's normal, but I think there's something wrong with her hearing. Like Sandy says, aliens come down and suck the brains out of our children and don't return. I'm beginning to think she is right. For instance, I was trying to groom Sassy, long hair cat. It was a sight! First of all you have to know my cat thus the name "Sassy." I would start combing her hair when I would notice Katie (decided to visit neighbors) walking over to Mr. & Mrs. Phipps. "Katie, get over here." "Come back home and play with her toys." "Am I going to have to spank you?!?" By the third statement to her, as she is looking at me with a blank look on her face, I am yelling and my face is red. She, thinking the wind is blowing in her hair, continues to walk over to the Phipps' back porch. When she sees me get up and walk towards her is when she gets the message - wow! Mom must really mean it. By this time, I have to look for the cat because she has had enough and will not be returning to this kind of abuse. I had to pull the cat out from underneath the truck in order to try again combing her hair. Meanwhile, Katie decides she's not getting enough dirty in her diet. I hope it's good for her because she eats it as much as possible. She's running around the yard with the Windmill (upside down) in her mouth. Me telling her to get out of her mouth encouraged her to continue doing it. Needless to say, the cat didn't get groomed very good and Katie and I went into the house.

American Idol
Okay what's with the hair, Sanjaya? If he wants to be remembered, this is one way of doing it. I will have to say, he did throw his voice out there (first time ever). I still say he can't sing, but that's my opinion. Where is Chris Sligh going with his performances? I think he is ready to give it up. I know he can sing, but he hasn't stepped up to the plate in a while. Melinda is still hot! Unless something happens, I predict Melinda will make it to the final 5.

Famous Saying
There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, “All right, then, have it your way.”- C. S. Lewis

Take care and God Bless You!

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