Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Happy Birthday - Susan!

I would like to wish my sister, Susan, a very special Happy Birthday! Dad, Mom, Katie & myself picked Susan up at her work and took her out to lunch. I think Sue was surprised to see Katie and me. You should have seen Dad's face when the waitress brought out my chicken stuffed potato. "I wanted that. I didn't know they sold stuffed potatoes. I don't want what I got, I want your potato," he said. Poor Susan tried to give Dad her potato, but he said he would eat his 1/4 BBQ Chicken. We had a real good visit.

American Idol
Well, it was depressing watching the men! They just didn't get it on. I thought Blake's performance was entertaining. Jared and Chris Sligh's performance was okay, but nothing real exciting. I have to agree with the judges' comments to each one of the performers. I tell you right here and now - if Sanjaya gets through this week it will be by prayer or something funny is going on. He was awful again for the third week in a row. I kind of hope Jared stays in a little longer simply because he is not bad to look at. NICE! There is something about his eyes that I could just stare into for long periods of time.

Have you seen the new Target ads on TV? I love that song. It has such a nice beat. Can anyone tell me what the name of the song/jingle is? Thanks!

Katie got some new Spring/Summer dresses. Well, I think one of them would look real good if it was monogrammed. So, I think tomorrow we're going to Monograms Plus to see if they can monogram her initials on the collar of her dress. I hope they can. Doug wants me to try and get a couple of football tickets Bama vs. Fl. State. I told him I would try my best. Watch, something will go wrong and I'll be blamed for not getting the tickets. I do have it bookmarked, so maybe that will help out a lot.

Wayne & Laura - If "if" and "buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas! tehe! This thought of the day brought to you by Dr. Doug. Best wishes on your BIG decision. Your in our thoughts and prayers!

I've added another favorite link under "Inspiration." It's the Bargainomics Lady, Judy Bates. She is a very thrifty lady under God's direction and wisdom. I know I always feel good when I'm able to save money on purchases. Well, with her tips and special links, you can save bundles of money on tons of items. The items could be just about anything you can think of - vacation rentals, cruises, jewelry, special deals and promotions for name brand items. The list goes on and on. When you have a little time on your hands, I recommend you go surfin' on her site. You will be addicted and the best part about it is you will also get a blessing by reading her testimonials. If you are planning an upcoming women's event and need a speaker, she is great. I saw her a few years ago at my former church and she was awesome. She's funny, great sense of humor, bible savy, gives great financial advice and can sniff out a bargain from miles away.

Please keep in your prayers a friend of the family - June C. Her husband, Ralph, called Dad while we were with Susan (celebrating her birthday) and informed him that June was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. She's had heart problems for some time now and they need your prayers. I have a praise report. I meant to report it the other day, but forgot. I went by my uncle's apartment on my way to the library and I saw wood boards up inside the brick wall, the young teen drove his car into. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix the outside wall very soon. From what I understand, my uncle is still doing good. Thanks for your prayers.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful day, so take off work, get out and enjoy your day! Take care of each other. Hope to hear from you! God Bless You!


Laura said...

I read your "special" note write after I finished my depressing blog. It made me laugh! Thanks for cheering me up!! Got an email from Rome today. They are making the plans for me to come there on March 19th. Should hear something for sure tomorrow. Hugs!

Laura said...

P.S. Which dresses did you get Katie? Where they off the internet?

Laura said...

P.S. Which dresses did you get Katie? Where they off the internet?