Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Airborne A Myth Remedy

Airborne A Myth Remedy

I found out today in the news that Airborne is not a miracle remedy to keep you from getting sick. The big question is Airborne keeping people from getting sick with the common cold? Here is a direct quote from the article:

It wasn't. In 2006, ABC News discovered that the "clinical study" that the company had been touting as proof that its product cured colds was not really very clinical, nor much of a study.

"There was no clinic, no scientists and no doctors," ABC reported. "The man who ran things said he had lots of clinical trial experience. He added that he had a degree from Indiana University, but the school says he never graduated."

That report sparked a class-action lawsuit. Now, while not admitting any wrongdoing, the company has
agreed to settle the lawsuit, and it will offer Airborne customers a refund on sales, paying out $23 million.

You can claim your refund by filling out a form
at this Web site. Airborne will refund the full price of all Airborne products for which you have a proof of purchase.

Doug and I purchased some Airborne last week to boost our immune system. We only spent $4, so I'm not in any hurry to get a refund.

Changing Blogger Layout

Sarah - I figured it out when it comes to changing the layout without loosing all of your stuff. It all comes down to your "widgets." Under editing your HTML look for all the codes (usually down to the bottom) that have "widget" to the left. Those are the pictures, text, lists, etc. that you've added to your blog. If you delete them, you'll erase everything that you've added. I've found out that if you delete all the codes around your widgets including your profile & blog archive, you can successfully keep your other stuff. Don't worry about your profile or blog archive because your new layout will have this widget in it codes. You'll notice that if you don't delete your old profile & blog archive widgets, you can't save the template because there will be two of these.

Copy the new layout codes and paste in your HTML. Highlight and cut from "b:/section" down. Paste this part of the code at the very bottom below your widgets. You can also move your widgets around by doing this same technique. If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll be glad to help.

That's my tech talk for today. LOL

Katie Fall Activity Decision

Doug and I talked last night and I think we've decided to enroll Katie in ballet instead of Mom's Day Out this year. I would like to take Katie to the Spring Recital this May and see if she is still hot for ballet. If so, I will feel a little more confident in enrolling her for the Fall classes. Now, I've got to see what day the classes will take place to make sure it won't run into our plans to go to the beach next September. If it does, I guess I'll have to make arrangements. I think I'm more excited than Katiebug. She'll look so cute in her little tutu. I guess I won't be getting Katie's hair cut any time soon, so I can pull her hair back during classes. Now, I've got to learn how to put her hair in a ballerina bun.


The Thorsrud Family said...

That really stinks about airborne. I love that stuff. I never feel comfortable taking a ton of's a lot of vitamins. It works great for us! I don't know what I would have done without it a few times. I try to get sick when it's convenient now and ward off my cold for a bit using airborne! I'm sure we will continue using it....just when we feel a little down health wise! Babies tend to do that to ya :0)

sarah and allan said...

thanks mi1 i'm going to try it pretty soon but i have a feeling i'll be calling you. lol. Oh i can't wait to see pictures of katie in a tutu. lol i love little girls in tutu's