Sunday, March 30, 2008

Silly Katie

Yesterday, we got outside and did yard work. I cleaned out flower beds on one side of the yard (total of three beds). Doug mowed the back yard because the grass has gotten pretty thick back there and mulched up leaves left over from this past Fall/Winter. Katie got tired helping me out, so she decided to play in her sandbox. PaPa Millard and Grandma Peggy drove up later. They bought Katie some Easter baskets from Walmart that were on sale. She had a blast, as you can tell from the pictures! She got dress up stuff, doll, basketball, sidewalk chalk and etc. She loves all the things she got.

Tonight Katie wanted to try on her Strawberry Shortcake Sun Visor that PaPa Millard and Grandma Peggy got her yesterday. We were trying to teach her to yell "Roll Tide" from her mega phone. We got her to say, "Go Team Go!"

She was being so silly tonight with her visor and mega phone. Check out Doug's new toy in the background.

As you can tell from the picture above, Doug's TV came in last Friday. We spent all afternoon moving televisions around. Lucky Katie has the luxury of temporarily having a television in her room. We thought it would be best to move the TV, we are giving Whitney and Leslie for their apartment, into our room until they can get set up next Fall. I think it all worked out. That evening, Millard and Peggy came by. Millard helped Doug get the new TV on the frame that they built and bolted into our old entertainment center. I really didn't want to see what was going to happen to our entertainment center, so Peggy, Katie and I went to Hobby Lobby. I needed some pinking shears to cut the bandannas for Katie's flip-flops. It was Peggy and my job to keep Katie in her room, while Millard and Doug got the TV all fixed. We let Katie watch one of her new favorite movies,"Barbie in The Nutcracker" over and over in her room. We even had a party in her room. Katie liked that idea because she loves parties. I thought it would be a good idea to start on Katie's shoes, while we were sitting around in her room. Plus, Peggy wanted to see what they would look like. I finished both shoes before they left to go home and I think they turned out cute. At first, I didn't think I would need all that material, but I did end up using more than I first thought. Katie likes her flip flops, she just needs to learn that she doesn't have to pick her feet up so high in order to walk in them. Peggy and I had to laugh at her walking around in them.

I have to say after the men got the TV set up and everything was finished, it looks pretty daggum good. Doug and Millard did an excellent good. They should go into business (on the side) installing televisions with the Blu-Ray and Satellite connections. I didn't think I was going to like the new change there for a while because there were so many remotes you had to have. One each for the antenna channels, satellite, Blu-Ray & stereo. Ugh! Luckily, he got the antenna channels and satellite programmed to one remote, so that helps a little. The "Bee Movie" looks real good on a HD television. I think Doug is happy with his new toy. Now, if I can only have my storage building. Pleeease! Ya'll remember this - he said and I quote "You'll get your building in May." Okay, help me out by putting this on your calendar and reminding him that he's suppose to get me a building in May. If the month of June gets here without a building in our back yard for no other reason then he just didn't get around to it, you may not want to visit us for some time because all heck is going to hit the fan. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

Laura, I'm so glad to read on your blog that you didn't care for "Atonement" either. Normally, I can handle a movie bouncing around, but when it's 30 minutes on taking 1st & 2nd person's point of view on maybe 10 minutes of a specific event. Well, it leaves me rather bored. I wasn't so confused as I was ready to go on to the next event. I didn't like the ending at all. I didn't notice if this was a true story. If it was true then I could understand the ending, but boring. I felt like I wasted my time and effort watching it. I'm glad you liked the "The Other Bolelyn." Now, I'm excited to see it. Of course, it will probably be when it comes out on DVD because I don't know anyone who would watch it with me here. That's okay. I like to watch movies in comfort of my own home.

Thanks for the nice compliments on the videos I recently posted. I'm glad Alise liked "The Snow Day."

Tonight, I made one of my favorite meals, Italian chicken. Normally, I like to serve it with noodles, but I felt like scalloped potatoes and field peas. All I did was preheat my oven to 350 degrees. Take three skinless, boneless chicken breasts and coat them with Duke's brandname Mayonaise, roll them in Italian bread crumbs and set them in my stoneware baking dish. When the oven is preheated, I put the baking dish in for approximately 45 minutes or until I can poke a fork all the way in the chicken without any resistance. When the chicken is ready, I sprinkle fancy shredded Mozzarella cheese all over the tops of the breasts and put it back in the oven until the cheese is melted. As an added touch, I spread warm marinara (?) sauce on top of the chicken as I'm serving it on a plate. Oh, it's so good! It's the most tender and juicy chicken you'll ever put in your mouth. I promise!

Don't forget Tuesday, April 1st is the Season Premiere of "Hell's Kitchen," for those who want to watch it! I'm going to have it TiVo'd. Doug and I finally got to watch the finale of "The Apprentice Celebrity" last night and I can't believe that Piers won the crazy thing. I really wanted Trace Atkins to win, but oh well the money it still going to a good cause. I just don't like Piers' tactics on raising money - down and dirty. As you could tell in the end, he didn't make too many friends along the way.

Have a good Monday! Don't work too hard!


Laura said...

Of course, Wayne is asking when he can have a new "toy" and I told him that when he sells a house he can have whatever he wants! Maybe that'll be some initative to kick it in high gear!

The Mason Bunch said...

Hang in there girl - stay strong. Their men, they find ways to wear you down. LOL!

sarah and allan said...

Okay i couldn't see what the new toy was. ?? all the othe rpics came up but that one. OH and i watched atonement the other night too and i agree.. it stinks. Waste of time. Wish i had read the blog before i rented it. ISN'T IT FUN TO HAVE A NEW TV? We are loving ours. We have it mounted on the wall but we still haven't found anything good to put under it. hmm? YOur chicken sounds yummy. We might have to try it when allan has his next day off. ;-)

The Mason Bunch said...

The new toy was Doug's new TV. It was in the background of the last picture of Katie.

How you enjoy the chicken! :)

sarah and allan said...

OHHH yes i'm still trying to get my braincells back after having lilly! lol i thought it said his toy in the backyard. i was looking for a mower or a grill. haha

The Thorsrud Family said...

i am going to write a comment so you can get a record for comments. Katie is adorable as always! I may have to take her home with me when we come to visit. :0)