Monday, March 3, 2008

Getting Katie Squared Away

These are a couple of pictures that I took yesterday. More pictures are available on our photosite.

I've been on the phone most of the morning, getting Katie set up for next Fall. I still can't believe my baby will be three years old this Summer. It's hard to fathom at times. Anyway, it's time that she gets a little interaction outside of the home and family. I've gotten in touch with a Mom's Day Out program here in town, it's in connection with a church. This month is the time to register for next Fall's enrollment. Unfortunately, they are taking registration from currently enrolled children. I went ahead and put Katie's name on the list for next Fall's 3 year old class. I'm not ready for her to go to school 2-3 times a week, so I've got her on the Mom's Day Out program where she can go once a week. Becky, program organizer, said she would be sending me the registration form in the mail for me to fill out and send back to her. She said once she got the form back, she would get in touch with me as soon as the current enrollment registration is finished and available spots are open. I really hope Katie will have a chance to get in simply because I would like for her to get into their preschool program called "Sonshine" when she turns 4 years old. Susan, Sonshine director, told me that if Katie got into "Mom's Day Out" then she would have first opportunity getting into "Sonshine." Doug and I really wanted Katie to go to the Primary School, but as I found out this morning it is only for lower income families. Ugh! She's going to have to go the Primary School anyway when she starts Kindergarten, so I wanted her to start in their Pre-K 4 year olds in order to get use to the system. The lady did tell me that they are tossing around the idea of starting a new program called "PK-4" for city residents. If the idea passes the board and up and running it will be as soon as next year for it to start, which would be perfect for us. The lady told me to check back around January to find out the latest information. Oh my gosh! Two other private schools that offer Pre-K is so expensive! I called C Christian School (approx. $300 a month + registration fee) Ick! and St. John's Little Lamb (approx. $250 a month + registration fee). On top of that Little Lamb is more like a daycare rather than preschool. Sonshine Preschool would be much cheaper than theses other schools and I've heard so many great things about them. I don't think Doug likes the whole idea of his little girl being away from Mommy. He said he was okay with the idea of her going to "Mom's Day Out" once a week, but he doesn't want her going 5 days a week when she is 4 years old. Of course, this is after he found out how much it would cost to send her to a private school. He said it might be better if she continues with "Mom's Day Out" when she's 4 as well, unless Primary comes up with the PK-4 program.

Doug and I had been talking about getting Katie involved in some activity like gymnastics or ballet. I called and left a message with our local ballet school to get some information. I checked out their website and they start at ages 3 years. They are taking registration now for a Summer Program for three weeks in June, but Katie won't be three until July. Ugh! Doug seems to think that they'll take her since her birthday is so close. They do have regular scheduled classes for 3 year olds that's new, but I don't know how much they would charge. Let's hope she can take the Summer Ballet Class this Summer, if not maybe next year. We'll see.

As you can tell, I've been very busy getting things lined up. I also got Katie lined up to take private swimming lessons in late Spring from a former co-worker and friend. She is a Physical Education Teacher and part-time CPR & Swimming Instructor. Ruth Anne is so excited about teaching Katie. Plus it will give us an opportunity to catch up from lost times. Beings that we are still under a drought, our local sports club's indoor pool is closed until conditions improve. Ruth Anne said she would like 5 lessons, 30 minutes at a time, with Katie in order to feel confident that she can swim without any problems. She is suppose to call me when we can get into the indoor pool. Hopefully, it won't be too long.

I called my doctor's office this afternoon to check on the test I had run this past week. My doctor nor his nurse were in the office today, so I've got to wait until tomorrow before someone gets back with me. I'm still having my health problem and it can be quite uncomfortable. Doug and I are still wanted to try for another baby, Lord willing. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!


sarah and allan said...

We will for sure keep you in our prayers. We like lots of babies!
;-) We are thinking about trying again sometime soon. It took awhile last time i think it was because of this bad birth conrtol i had been on though. My doctor said to stay away from depo if i wanted to get pregnant anytime in the next two years. Not real soon but sometime soon. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers though. Hope everything turns out okay at the doc's.

sarah and allan said...

Oh by the way.. Katie is gorgeous in those photos. So photogenic. I am sending her an ester present but you will get it early cause it's already done. You can give it to her whenever she needs a little suprise.

The Mason Bunch said...

Thank you for the nice compliment. We think she's beautiful, but we're her parents. I think all parents feel their children are the most beautiful they've every seen. tehe!

You didn't have to get her anything for Easter. We understand the great expense especially with the price of shipping long distance. Thank you in advance.

We appreciate the prayers. We will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers as well with your future baby.

Give Lilly Ann a big hug & kiss from her Auntie Mi. Lots of love!