Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Susan!


I would like to wish my big sister, Susan, a very Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day today and don't work too hard.

Little Scare
Just when we are thinking the sun is beginning to come out and things are looking a little brighter, something else happens. It all started when I got a disturbing call from my Aunt Sherry yesterday morning. She was concerned about my Mom's health. Apparently, she heard about Dad being upset when he got home Monday night. He was upset because he was afraid that Mom had a stroke. She was having symptoms like a stroke victim. Her whole body was shaking, her arm was hurting, she couldn't feed herself and she had some numbness in her face. I spoke to Susan and she said when she spoke to Mom, she had a slight slur to her speech. I know when I spoke to Mom Monday night, I had a hard time understanding what she was saying. Well, Maryann and June got on the phone to Mom's doctors' offices to find out more information. The nurses told them that Mom had been on Flomax (?) for her bladder problems. According to one of the nurses, the symptoms that I mentioned above are side effects from Flomax. The nurse from the rehab clinic reported our concern to Mom's doctor and he in turn had Mom taken off all medication until we could find out more information. Last night, June, Susan and Dad visited Mom at the rehab clinic and met with her doctor. He feels confident that her unusual behavior was from the Flomax. He went on to say that even though she is off the medicine right now, it would take a while to get the drug out of her system. To be on the safe side, he ordered her to have a PT (brain scan) and another blood culture today at the hospital. Susan told me that after just 12 hours of Mom being off of the medicine, she could tell a huge difference. Before Mom told Susan that she just didn't feel good and she too was concerned about the shaking and pain in her shoulder/arm.

Today, Sandy told me about Mom running a fever. I called the nurse at the rehab and she said Mom was running a fever of 101.3 degrees. Dr. Adams wanted the nurse to give Mom some Tylenol and see if it will come down. Mom told Sandy that she still couldn't feed herself because of the shaking. The nurse told me that her PT scan came back okay. It showed no indication of a stroke, which was a huge relief.

My Health

After not hearing anything back from my doctor as to what was causing my problem, I called him back this morning. Thankfully, he called me back personally this morning. He said that he ran all the usual tests as what it could be, nothing showed up unusual. In other words, there's nothing bad wrong with me so I can breathe easier. If it's caused from the miscarriage, it's a little late. He said it could be anything like the miscarriage or stress. I told him about what I've been going through and he said that could be it. There really is no known reason, but if it happens again with out any just cause, then we will run more tests and look to it further. Right now, we hope it won't happen again. The symptoms are pretty much going away. I feel better than I did say two days ago. FREAKY!

Beautiful Day
Katie and I stayed outside this morning to enjoy the beautiful weather. The sun is shining, the wind is lightly blowing and all the song birds were out serenading us. The little stinker got one of her balls and rolled it down the driveway. I went and got it because I didn't want her going into the street. As I was handing it back to her, I told her not to do that again. I no sooner got back to my chair, she did it again. Ugh! This time I put the ball up. The little turkey went and found another ball and did it again. I left the ball down there and she was having a fit wanting me to go get it. "No," I told her. Then she found a plastic Easter egg and rolled it down the driveway. I caught her tiptoeing down there to get it, but I'd catch her every time and make her come back up the driveway.

June came over for lunch and it was so beautiful that we all had a picnic outside. I think June enjoyed sitting outside while having a bologna sandwich and sweet tea. We had to revisit our scare from yesterday with Mom and roll it around in our head. We had a real nice visit.

Rental Toys

Have you heard about this? June was telling me about this today. People are starting up small businesses to rent out toys. It's like Netflix, but Toyflix. You can rent toys for your children for a month or so and return them. So cool! Here's one of the sites I've found that rent toys:

Showtime & The Movie Channel

If you have satellite programming and you are not currently paying for Showtime & TMC, they are playing all this weekend for free preview. The weekend starts today and "Failure to Launch" is playing on TMC. I'm glad because that bad snow storm is suppose to hit here tomorrow. I figure Katie and I will have to have another movie day, if it's too cold to get out.

Isn't this so sad? If you haven't heard Patrick Swayze is battling Pancreatic Cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


sarah and allan said...

i was so glad to see asiah go last night!! that girl drove me crazy. i really thought the other one would be leaving but i was suprised! i thought asiah did good last week but overall she drove me crazy. I wanted her to spit words out..

i was also so glad to see that girlish boy leave. He drove allan crazy. allan would really want to change the chanel when that guy was singing. I was glad they kept chekizie.. whatever.. i'm not sure how you spell that guy's name. lol

glad to hear it wasn't anything serious with your health issues. whheeew.!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Those rental toys are expensive! Whew! $500/year. They mentioned how most spend &750-1000 a year. WOW! We don't buy many toys around here. I want to say maybe $100 a year. WOW! It's a fun idea though.