Sunday, March 2, 2008

Early Spring Fever

Beautiful Early Spring Day
It was a beautiful day today! After lunch, Doug, Katie and myself headed outside for some sunshine and fresh air. The weather was perfect because the temperature high got to 72 degrees with a light wind and the sun shined most of the day. Beautiful! Katie wanted to blow bubbles and was in too much of a hurry to wait for me to get to her. She spilled most of the bubbles on her pants. Doug washed the truck for me and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put out our Easter stuff. Just as I was getting Mr. Bunny and our box of Easter decorations from under the house, here comes Will. He was so much help carrying the box of Easter decorations for me. He loves to come over to help us out and play with Katie until she begins to aggravate him. Then, it's hard to explain to him that she doesn't mean to aggravate him because she's two years old and she thinks it's funny. While the kids played, Doug and I created an Easter Egg Tree. It was a little hard work, but it looks good. Will had to go home and Doug had a Deacon's Meeting, so Katie and I took a nap while watching "While You Were Sleeping." I just love this chick flick!

American Idol Correction
Okay, I finally got to watch last Thursday's results. It ended up being that Jason Yeager leaving instead of Michael Johns. June said she really didn't know their names well, but she got most of their names or descriptions correct.

The Dash - Make A Difference In Your Life Movie
Laura sent this website link to me and you know it is so true. It doesn't have an Html code, so I can't put the movie on my blog. If you have an opportunity, please watch this movie because it's very inspiring. You'll be glad you got to see it.



Congratulations to Carl Edwards!
for winning the UAW-Dodge 500 today in Las Vegas, NV. Last weekend, I didn't think he would pull off winning the race in California. Actually, it was delayed because of rain. So, he won the race on Monday instead of Sunday. Edwards is my man!

Doug updated me on the Alabama's basketball team. They sound like they are having a terrible year. He also adds that Alabama's football team went a full week without any more player arrests. Whoo Hoo! Let's hope it will stay that way for the rest of the year. What is it with these guys?

Craft Show
Yesterday, Millard, Peggy, Doug, Katie and myself went to the "Cottontail Village" first time at the BJCC. Right off the bat, Peggy and I were in heaven. Most of the vendors were oriented around children. Of course, Millard and Doug didn't have that good of time and announced to us that they will not be coming next year. Peggy and I got the sweetest clothes for Katie. One vendor had pretend/dress up stuff for little girls. I got Katie from the Easter Bunny the following from this vendor: butterfly wings, lily wand, lots of lip gloss, and tutu. So sweet and I just know she'll love it! I got all of that for $15. I thought it would make a nice gift for Easter. Katie fell asleep during most of the fair. I hated that she missed the Easter Bunny. There was a line of children getting their picture made with the Easter Bunny. There were other crafts: wood work, glass work, photography, art work, jewelry crafts, toys, sugar slider pets (look like miniature squirrels), sewn craftsmanship (blankets, adult clothes, stuffed animals, etc.), homemade sweets, candles, and food. I don't think I've seen so many vendors. There were so many that it took up all of the first and second floors of the exhibit hall. Peggy and I were wore out by the time we went through everything.

Mom & Vonell's Progress
After the show, we all stopped by the rehab and visited Mom for a little bit. She looks great and you can tell it in her voice. She got to take a little rest before we got there. When Dad and I went last Thursday, I was so surprised to see her get out of bed without any pain. Yes! Praise God for He answered our prayers and took the pain away. I can't thank Him enough because it still wouldn't be enough. You just don't know how it has tore me up watching her in so much pain and I can't do anything about it. I couldn't help her take the pain away. There were times when I wished I had the pain, so she could have a break. Whitney, Natalie and their friends stopped by to visit Mom as well. We left soon after Whit and them got there, so they would have a seat to sit in.

We also stopped by to visit Vonell. If you didn't know she recently suffered a heart attack, you would not have known. She is doing great. She said there was no damage to her heart and that she felt fine. Millard, Katie, and I went with Uncle James to put up his sheep for the night. Katie was clinging to me because it was dark outside and she wasn't too sure about the sheep. Once she warmed up a little bit to the sheep, it was time to go back to the house. The sheep impressed her because that's all she talked about the rest of the night.

There is a strong system coming through tomorrow. There have been reports of Tornado Watches and Severe T-Storm Warnings with these storms. Reports show that as soon as these storms pass the temperature drops some 20 degrees. Well, there goes our beautiful day! If you will be in the path of these storms, please be careful!

Have a great Monday!

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Loved the comment about the Bama players! Where do they find these thugs?