Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!


Happy Spring!

Maryann Update

I thought you might want to get an update on Maryann's condition. I called and check on her this morning. She told me that her hands were beginning to burn. Natalie was able to help her wash her face and put on her make-up. She said that she could do some things with her left hand because it doesn't hurt as bad as the right. She told me about all the things she had to do today, from the doctor's appointment to meeting the insurance adjuster about the house. I suggested to her that Dad stay with her today because I don't mind going to the hospital without him. I think she'll breathe a little easier if he's there for her. She is suppose to call me later today to let me know what the doctor said about her hands. As soon as I find out some thing else, I'll let you know. Please continue to pray for them. Thanks!

Wayne and Laura have decided not to come this Easter weekend. I'm sad, but understand. Laura did say that they were still planning on coming this May for Doug's party.

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