Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update On Mom

A quick update on Mom's condition. Dad and I visited her at the rehab center and she seemed glad to see us. She had rosy red cheeks and a smile on her face. She said that she just had a nice warm sponge bath and ready for bed time. They had her smelling real nice. She sat up in her bed and talked to Dad and I the whole time. She ate all of her supper: chicken salad sandwich with tomato and lettuce & ice cream. They are still giving her insulin shots when her blood sugar goes up, but it's nothing like it was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. She gripped about the crazy therapy she's forced to do like music and psychological therapy. Personally, I thought today was a good day. She said they let her do some of her therapy outside today, I like that idea because I'm sure a person could go crazy looking at four walls all the time.

I guess I made it to Millard and Peggy's by 7:45 p.m. They had some supper waiting on me. It was so good: pork chops, corn, mac&cheese and blackeyed peas. Katie told me all the things they did this evening. Peggy and Millard said they took Katie outside for a little bit, but she soon told them that she wanted to go inside and watch her "Barbie the Nutcracker" movie. Peggy said she watched it twice while she stayed with them and wanted to watch it again, but Peggy told her that they were going to watch her show. I told Peggy that is what I have to do with her because she'll want to watch her favorite movies over and over. You would think she would get tired of it by now. Peggy and Millard got to see Katie dancing like a balleria while watching "Barbie the Nutcracker." I've got to try and video tape her dancing like a balleria because I know some of ya'll don't believe me. By the way, I fixed the Easter Egg Hunt video clip. So, if you couldn't see it earlier today, you should be able to see it now.

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