Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!


Happy Birthday Ryan!

I saw the above "Happy Birthday" deer and thought of you. I also thought of you when I saw this video. Too funny! Of course, it fits Natalie's sense of humor much better. tehe! I hope you had a great day today and don't work too hard. Tell Kacy hello. Love you!

Mom's Health Update

I received further news from Maryann this morning about Mom's infection in the bowel. Apparently, it's not really an infection. The antibiotics she was taking was killing off the good bacteria in her system, which caused her to have loose bowels. She is not contagious. She just has to eat more yogurt. Beings that she has missed so many therapy sessions, she will be staying a few more days.

Doug and Katie's Health Update

Doug is feeling much better and went to work this morning. Katie still isn't 100%, but I've got her eating plenty of yogurt, cheese and drinking Power Ade, she doesn't like Gatorade.

Last night, Doug rented "The Bee" movie for Katie and it's pretty funny. She seemed to like it, but I don't know if it's one of those that you would have to watch over and over. Oxygen was playing "Pride and Prejudice" and "2 Weeks Notice" this past weekend. I had to record both of them. I love "Pride and Prejudice" and Doug doesn't understand why I would love such a movie. The newest "Pride and Prejudice" with Keira Knightly answers everyone's question - Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett do end up together. It's wonderful! I started watching it last night and finished today. I'll have to keep this one in my DVR until I get the DVD. Classic!

Well, it happened! Katie was running every where and busy as a bee. You know minding her own business. I wanted to watch "Monster-in-law" last night and Doug was doing some homework. Why not? Right? I mean it's a PG-13 movie. There's no nude parts just a little language problem. Katie happen to be in the room right when Wanda Sykes says, "Oh, S@^&!" Well those particular words rolled right off Katiebug's tongue just as plain as day. I knew it would happen one day, I just hate it that it had to be on my watch. Ugh! I turned the movie off right then and there. I gave Katie the lecture how we don't talk like that and it's a bad word. You know the whole spill. I guess she saw it as an open invitation to cuss words. Ugh! She finally stopped when I gave her a warning. She hates the warning because she knows she'll have to sit in the naught chair for three minutes for not minding. Of course, all of the chaos striked an interest in Doug and he had to peek around the corner to find out what was going on. I told him what happened and he thought he needed to discuss this further with Katie. At that point, she felt she needed to tell him what she said. He gave her a warning of a spanking, if she said it again. Then he turns to me and said at least she didn't learn the word from him. Smooth come back, babe.

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