Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Friday, Henry came over to burn some CDs and visit with us. That evening, we headed over to Jon's baseball game. We got there pretty late. What we did see, he did a good job. We got there just in time to see him hit and get to 1st base. Katie was being her usual social butterfly. She made all kinds of friends while we were there. Jamie, Tim's niece, saw us and took Katie to see Jon up close. From what Jamie said, she seemed to make friends over there as well.

Saturday, Doug wanted to go shopping and we had to go make our car payment. As you may know, Doug went ahead and bought a Blu-Ray DVD Player. Target was having a sale this weekend, where a few select Blu-Ray disks were buy one get one free. I don't know how long the sale will last. Doug ended up buying: "The Game Plan", "SpiderMan 3", "Casino Royale", "Pirates of Caribbean At World End", and "Enchanted." We went to Best Buy to check out their televisions and Blu-Ray DVDs. Doug was surprised that they didn't have any on sale. He heard that Blu-Ray are going to come down on their prices pretty soon. Katie and I went over the children's movies. I found a 4 pk. of Barbie Princess movies for $24.99, which would be $6.25 each. I thought that was a really good deal. It had the "Nutcracker", "Rapunzel", "Swain Lake", and "The Princess and the Pauper." We had to watch "The Princess and the Pauper" on the way home. Katie wouldn't take her eyes off of her DVD player in the car. When we got home, Peggy and Millard were in our carport. Millard was changing the blades on the lawn mower. Him and Doug had to go to Lowes, so us ladies piled up in the car and went with them. On the way back home, we stopped by and picked up a pizza from Carlton's. Peggy and I waited forever just to pick up a stinking pizza. The service in that restaurant is the pits!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We woke Katie up at 7:30 this morning to let her see what the Easter Bunny brought her before we had to get ready for church. Would you believe I had to drag her out of bed? I carried her all the way into the Kitchen before she saw what was on the table. Once she woke up, she was tickled to see all the things that she got. It was when she saw the Barbie Mermaid that she got so excited. Then, would you believe she had the nerve to tell me that she wanted the purple Mermaid and not the pink. Ugh! She originally picked out the pink Barbie Mermaid and that's why the Easter Bunny got it instead of the purple. Doug said he thought she said that because she wanted the purple one too. I would believe it.

Right off the bat, she asked if she could have some chocolate. Sure, I always got to eat candy on Easter morning before church. It's a wonder if she doesn't have a stomach ache tonight because of all the candy she's ate today. She had a good time eating the junk food! I did get her to eat a hot dog, chips & mac-&-cheese. We'll worry about health food tomorrow, I guess.

We had our family over for an Easter luncheon. We had such a good time, no hussle. It was a very laid back day. We ate fried chicken, potato salad, corn casserole, rolls, chips & dip, and lots of sweets. I'm so full! I'm afraid I have a terrible start on a diet for September! I hope you won't be too embarrassed to be seen with me, Laura? You could always say that you don't know me. tehe! After lunch, we had our Easter Egg Hunt. You know, I think Katie did really well because she hasn't been egg hunting all year. Her and June got to playing a game. Who can get to the egg first? I didn't count, but I believe she found all the eggs (32 count). She found both prize eggs. She was surprised to see the money inside. She had a real good time playing outside with everyone finding eggs. Nicholas and June were swiping eggs out of her basket and re-hiding them. She finally caught on to their game. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the trees, causing it to get even colder. We didn't know if Katie would want to look for eggs inside the house, so June and Nick hide a few around in the Living Room. Katie had no more interest in searching for eggs anymore, instead she wanted to play with her dolls and eat junk food.

Other pictures are on the photosite.

Update On Mom
I called Mom this morning to wish her a very Happy Easter. When she first answered the phone, she sounded real strong and in good spirits. As I was telling her about Katie's experience this morning with the whole Easter Bunny thing, when I noticed that Mom was eating. I knew it because I could hear Dad saying the in the background, "here, eat this." I asked her if I was interrupting her eating. She said no. Then, I noticed that Dad told her "here, open up." What? I asked her if Dad was feeding her. "Yes", she said. I asked her if she couldn't feed herself. "Yes," she responded. I asked her if they were still going to release her tomorrow. She said she wasn't for sure, but the doctor was going to come in and talk to them about it. She said that she had been eating and everything seems to be going good. I reassured her that she would have company a little later today. I knew Susan and Leslie were going to visit, but I couldn't remember if it was Maryann and Natalie or June and Nick. Oh, well. Later, I told Susan about Dad feeding Mom. She told me that she's had to be fed the whole time or she won't eat at all. Ugh! I kind of wished I knew it because I could have fed her last Thursday. Susan said that Mom will eat some, but not much at all and she'll push the rest away from her. She also told me that Mom's blood sugar has been up and down. I didn't know this either and I felt bad because I made her an Easter basket with some chocolate. I told Sue, I guess Dad could eat it if any thing. Sue said that they were having a bad time getting Mom's sugar regulated and here I thought they had it under control. Hopefully tomorrow, we find out more information.

Update on Maryann
Maryann was having a bad day today. She felt a little bad because her make-up was pretty much gone because she had been crying from the pain. The doctor said there were a few spots that are 3rd degree burns. I felt so bad for her. They are slowly moving some things over to the rental house. They'll be living in it until their house is completely refinished.


sarah and allan said...

Hello Mi,
That katie sure sounds like a stinker wanting the purple mermaid. lol.
I feel so bad for Maryann. We are keeping her and her family in our prayers.
love you all
sarah and allan

Laura said...

Oh, my goodness! I can't get over what all has happened to your family! What in the world is going to happen next? I pray nothing.

Glad ya'll had a Happy Easter!