Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Big Snow Day - January 2008

I'm finally publishing the video of our big Southern Snow Day. Sorry, it too so long. Katie and I had a blast playing in it. We through snow balls at one another and built a snowman. Why is it when you hear your voice on a video, you hate the way it sounds? Oh well, enjoy!

I've got another movie I'd like to publish of Katie and her storytelling time. It's too cute!


The Thorsrud Family said...

Katie is such a little cutie pa tootie! Where did you find her adorable little scarf? I love it. haha. Your snowman was a little sad, but super cute. The hat mad the statement on him....very nice very nice! Can't wait to come down there! XOXO

The Mason Bunch said...

Thank you!

Actually, I bought the scarf, mittens and a hat as a set last year from JC Penny. She can't wear the hat or mittens anymore, but the scarf still works.

Laura said...

Out of all the videos, this was Alise's favorite! She laughed when Katie got in trouble! She kept asking, "Why she not talking, Moma? Why she not talking?" Too funny.