Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update On Mom's Condition

Update On Mom
I spoke to Mom this morning and she seemed to be in good spirits. She got in a room yesterday afternoon. She was really tired because she wasn't able to sleep good. Apparently, her room is near a nurse's lounge and they were having a good time last night. Her blood pressure is still stable and her fever is like a yo-yo. Late last night, she had a temperature of 104 degrees, but this morning it was 101 degrees. Her heart looks good, no problem there. She isn't experiencing any achiness like she was Tuesday night. Maryann and Dad went this afternoon to the hospital to visit her. Maryann let me know that so far the blood cultures are not showing any signs of bacteria growing, so this is a good sign. Since the cultures are not showing any kind of bacteria, they have not and will not remove the pick line from her arm. They said their main concern right now is getting rid of the Strep germ she has and they need the pick line in order to get the antibiotics in her. The doctors went ahead and took her off one of the antibiotics for the Staph germ because they feel she is not at risk. She did have pink eye. Dad said he saw lots of puss inside her eye lid and they were all matted up again like Tuesday night. Thank you again for all the needed prayers!

I plan to go to the hospital with Dad tomorrow, while Whitney babysits Katie for me. She seems to do go with Whitney. Doug's got an eye appointment tomorrow morning in order to get new glasses. He told me that he's having difficulty reading some documents at work and he's too ashamed to wear his old glasses.

Katie and I had to go to the Library and return some books and DVDs. I was upset because I thought we got them back to the Library on time, but they ended up being a couple of days late. Ugh! Normally, I try really hard to get the books and movies back to the Library on time because I hate paying late fees. I guess with everything going on right now caused me to overlook them. I let Katie take her time looking at all of the books, this time. Every time we go, I encourage her to pick out books she would like to take home. Today was the first time she's actually done it. I praised her for choosing her own books. She did a pretty good job picking out the books. She picked out "Franklin" and "Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer." I wanted us to try "Widget" and I've been wanting us to read "Zen Shorts" and "Fancy Nancy." We got around 11 books and 1 movie, "Barbie, The Island Princess." I've never seen a Barbie movie before and I was amazed how good it was. Katie stayed glued to the television watching it. She told me that she liked Barbie.

Aren't they cute little angels? Sweet Cousins - Lilly Ann and Jake!

Our little professional!

Because my hair is getting long, I bought some new combs and barrettes to go in my hair. Katie had a blast playing with my combs and asked me to fix her hair. She was being such a miss priss, prancing around with her new hairdo. She had to go in the bathroom and look in the mirrors to see her hair style.

CPSC Recalls

  1. Toy Sundae Sets Sold at Target Recalled by Battat Inc. Due to Choking Hazard. Link:
  2. Battat Recalls Additional Magnetic Construction Sets; Ingested Magnets Pose Aspiration and Intestinal Hazards -
  3. Toy Airplanes, Cars, and Motorcycles Recalled by S.U. Wholesale Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard -


sarah and allan said...

Hello Mi,
I fyou think about it could you print that picture out for your mom. I sent her a card but feel bad cause i didn't send any pics in it. If you don't get to it that's fine too. I just heard she really like pictures of all the babies so if you think about it will you?

thank you
love you all

Anonymous said...

I think Katie will like "Fancy Nancy" I got that book for Emma for Christmas this last year and she LOVES IT!! Because she likes to be fancy too! Isn't that picture of Lilly and Jacob just precious!! I loved the one of Madaline and her daddy being silly too. Give Mom my love and I will be there soon. Love, Sister Sandy