Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Day!

Today, I had a few errands to run. I actually got Katie up early enough for us to make the story time at the Library. She was the youngest child in the group. I guess there was 6-7 kids in the storytelling group. They started off singing silly songs. By this time, Katie warmed up to everyone. Do ya think she sat in her seat during story time? Nope! She wouldn't stay in her seat, instead she decided she would get her own book and ask me, very loudly, to read it to her. Ugh! How embarrassing! I tried everything to get Katie to take interest in the lady reading the group a Clifford The Big Red Dog book. Normally, Katie likes to read Clifford, but not today. After the book, the Library lady brought out a baby turtle for all the kids to look and pet it. Of course, all the kids wanted to see the tank that the turtle stays in. Then, they all had to see the Library spider and mouse. The tanks are too high for Katie to see, so the lady was nice enough to pick her up and let her see it. Katie really took up to her. All the parents and children pretty much departed after visiting the turtle & other creatures. So, I grabbed Katie a few books and a Strawberry Shortcake movie.

We got in line at the Power Board to pay our bill. Right off the bat, Katie begins to beg for a pink sucker. The lady started talking to her, but all they had was yellow suckers. Katie was okay with it because she ate it up while we waited at "If The Shoe Fits" to exchange a pair of sandals.

Peggy and Millard bought Katie a pair of Puddle Jumper sandals (white with pink polka dots), but they were in a size 7. Right now, she really needs to wear a size 7 1/2. Her old Puddle Jumper shoes that I bought her last Fall are really too small, but we've been making due. I may have to break down and buy another pair of tenny shoes in a size 8. I like the brand name Puddle Jumpers. She has wore hers most of time during the Fall & Winter and now Spring. Anyway, I exchanged the white sandals for hot pink with white polka dot sandals in a size 8. They are a little big, but I believe she grow into them by June.

I wanted to go walk a mile around the park, so we headed that way. I told Katie that she could play on the playground, if she let me walk my mile. She was so excited when we drove up. She said, "I go to the playground and slide." Of course, she was very disappointed when we passed the playground walking. She let me know right off the bat, "Mommy, go back! Playground is this way. No, it's that way." I had a hard time explaining to her. She finally gave up, got in the stroller and relaxed. By the time we made our round and made it back to the playground, she was all happy again. Since she was pretty good, I went ahead and let her play on it. She had a blast! I took a few pictures. She's gotten so tall that now she can go down all of the slides. My baby is growing up! :( As soon as she would come down one slide, she would literally run for the next slide. I was kind of surprised to not see any other children on the playground because it was a beautiful day. It was a little windy, but it was good windbreaker weather. I've got the other pictures on the photosite.

We finally got to go by our new Hobby Lobby. How fun! Even Katie didn't want to leave. Last year, I thought about making Katie some decorative flip flops, but the flip flops would have been too big. Not this year! I'm going to chance it. I got Katie a pair of pink flip flops & two different bandannas. If I do it right, they will look so cute. Katie is just as excited because she loves flip flops. They also had their boas on sale 50% off the price. I let her pick out one, but there were so many different colors to choose from. She finally picked out a pink one, which will go perfectly with her new flip flops.

Since I was gone all day today, we've got to stay at home and clean. I guess it's time to put up all of the Easter stuff and put our house back to normal. What is normal exactly? I've forgot what that it! I also need to make a few phone calls while I'm here. You would think I would get smart & program some of the phone numbers on my cell phone, so I can make calls while on the road.

I plan to go with Dad Thursday to see Mom. If you don't know, she was moved back to the rehabilitation center last night. Dad got her all set up before coming home. He was telling me all the things, he did yesterday (house work) and I told him that he would make a good housewife some day. He laughed and said he wouldn't be up for the job just yet. In fact, he would rather get a hotel room and let the maid service do the work. Too funny! Maybe with all of this work he's been doing, he will give Mom a little bit more appreciation as to her regular house duties.

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