Thursday, March 20, 2008


I didn't get home until 10:45 tonight, so I haven't been able to update you on the patients.

Mom's Condition
I visited Mom today. She didn't want to do a whole lot because she said she was too tired. I tried to get her to sit on the side of the bed, so I could wash her hair. She said she didn't feel like it. Later, I asked her again if I could wash her hair. Nope! Well that didn't work, so I asked her if she wanted a back rub. Yes! She never can refuse a good back rub. I got her up on the side of the bed for approximately 10 minutes, while giving her a rub down. I wanted her to go 15 minutes, but she kept saying "that's enough, thanks!" Ugh! I asked her if she could sit up a little longer, but she couldn't do it. She said she was just too tired. We did a few other things like get her teeth brushed, wash her face and put lotion on her arms and legs. She had a chest x-ray this morning and the nurse said there was no change and no more Pneumonia. I'm glad to hear that! They are still giving her breathing treatments. Her PT came in around 3:00 and worked with her legs a lot. You could tell she was getting tired from it, but it was good that he pushed her. Personally, I think she did good during therapy. Earlier, I let her take a little cat nap and then I talked her ear off. I wanted to see if I could get a reaction and response, which I did. She was bright eyed at times and talked to me quite a while. I think she did good other than continually telling me that she was so tired.

Maryann's Condition
Dad called me and let me know that Maryann did get to see a doctor about her burns. I have to say that lots of prayers were answered again. According to this doctor, he said that she has 2nd degree burns and not 3rd degree burns. According to Dad, she has blisters on her hands, which the doctor will burst in order to heal. He sent Maryann to the whirlpool (I think) to soak her hands. He said this will help in the healing process. He told her that she would heal in a couple of weeks. I asked Dad if he mentioned her going through skin graphs or re-constructive surgery and he said none of this was needed. Thank you God! Dad said he believed that they were headed to the house. He seemed to think that they were going to open up some windows and let the house air out a little. I don't know if she met with the insurance adjuster today.

Supper with Millard & Peggy
After I left the hospital, I stopped off at Claire's and Target. I found the cutest dress up bridal veil for Katie. They had two left, a white & a ivory. It was so sweet. I remember Whitney loving to dress up, especially as a bride. I thought Katie would like it. I started to get it for Easter, but it was killing me. I went ahead and gave it to her after supper. At first, she thought it was a skirt. When I finally put it in her hair and let her see herself in the mirror, then she figured out that it wasn't a skirt or a dress. "I'm a Princess!" she told me. I tried to explain that she was a bride. She didn't understand that one, so I just agreed that she was a princess. "Am I pretty?" she asked me. I told her, she was so beautiful and she would got shy on me. So sweet. Once she had the head piece, then she needed all of her bracelets, necklaces and purse. Peggy found some clip on earrings and Katie had a ball. "Look at me Paw-Paw!" she told Millard. "I so pretty." She had to show everyone her earrings. She left them on her ears pretty much the rest of the evening. When we were getting ready to leave, I tried to take them off to give them back to Peggy. Katie came all to pieces because I was taking her earrings. Peggy said she could keep them and she felt so much better.

I hate the thoughts of Mom celebrating Easter in the hospital, so I got a few things from Target. I found a unique square box with ribbon for the a handle. It was decorated in a type of paper with little pink bunnies all over it. I got her some things that she'll need like: lotion, chapstick, & Wet Ones and some things she won't need like: chocolate Easter bunny, M & Ms and some other Easter candy. While I was at Target, I went ahead and got a little bit more candy.

We had a really good supper tonight: roast, potatoes, carrots, Lima beans, corn, cabbage and potato salad. Peggy always makes so much. She made us a care package to carry home. You should have seen the gallon bag full of candy and chocolate candy for Katie from Millard & Peggy. My goodness! She's still working on the Christmas candy that we've got. HA!

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