Monday, March 31, 2008

The Lord's Prayer

You have got to watch this! Laura sent this to me and it is so precious, I had to post it.

Update on Mom
June called me as she was on her way home. She visited Mom after work tonight. She said that she thought Mom did real good today. She added that Mom sat up and talked with her the whole time. She ate all of her supper and told June how much she wants to come home. Dr. Stewart came in and talked with both Mom and June. Dr. Stewart has been concerned with Mom's eating. She had been instructing the nurses to give Mom some medicine that will boost her appetite. Well, it must be working if they have been giving it to her since she got back to the rehab because everyone has been reporting that she is eating more. Here I thought she was eating all of her meals because it tasted better than hospital food. Let's just hope there are NO SIDE EFFECTS! The last time, they tried something (medicine) to help her out, she had terrible side effects from it that nearing put Dad in the hospital. Any who, Mom asked Dr. Stewart when she might be able to go home. She answered by telling Mom that starting tomorrow, she will be walking (with assistance). Based on her first day, they are going to set a goal for her to reach. Dr. Stewart told them that her along with the other doctors and therapists will meet this Wednesday to discuss her progress. By that afternoon, Mom should know when she might be able to come home. Thursday will be the last day Mom will have to have the terrible antibiotics that are causing all of these awful side effects and practically draining her. Lord willing, she will be feeling much better and stronger after they get the pick line out of her arm.

Bro. Steve gave the sharing your wealth speech yesterday, which must be a big message directly at me because I'd been thinking about cleaning out my closets for about a week now. After having Katiebug, I never got to get back into my size 12 clothes again. So, I'm hanging it up and giving all of my best suits, dresses and shirts to the needy. Do you know how hard it is to give away your favorite outfits because you can't fit in them? I was sick because some of them are not very old and in such good condition, but I know there is someone out there that might need them for a new job or job interview. I've been holding on to them long enough and now I've come to grips that the weights not leaving today, maybe tomorrow. I have so much room in my closet now to put new clothes. Alright! I was able to fill up a garbage bag full. I'm trying to convince Doug to do the same thing. He and I both need to do a little clothes shopping. It's so easy for us to go shopping for Katie clothes, but it's so hard to find clothes to fit our awkward bodies and look nice. As most of you know, I hate stretch clothes. I've been waiting for this fad to go right out the window. I'm hoping by this next weekend, we'll see that it has done just that. I received a flier in the mail that Belk is having a Midnight Madness/Early Bird type sale starting Friday night. I told Doug about it and I think we'll take advantage of the situation. I've noticed Susan is wearing these baby doll type tops and I think they look good on her. She is no where near as big as I am, but I would like to try one on to see what it looks like. Since Kaitlyn, I've gotten out of the fashion savvy mode. Do ya have any advice for this big girl? What's the newest fashion that is tasteful of course? I've been seeing a little paisley here and there. You know a lot of fashion designers feel that paisley should be out and stay out. Is it out or in? Wish me luck!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

wow. That is a great video. You can tell those parents are doing their job because how many times did she have to hear that to sing it???