Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ready for Easter!

Easter Sunday, Doug and I have invited the family for a luncheon after church. Depending on the weather, we are planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt. I hope the weather cooperates with us. Since everyone is coming here, Millard and Peggy wanted me to bring Katie out to see their Easter Egg Tree that they made for her. Yesterday, Katie got all dressed up for Easter with her bunny and basket filled with plastic eggs. I think I got a few good pictures because she would not cooperate for nothing. Peggy got tickled at her playing around. More pictures are on the photosite.

They got her the duck dressed up like a bunny. It dances around and sings "The Bird Dance." It's really cute. At first, Katie was a little afraid of it, but she has warmed up to it now. We ate a pizza for lunch with Peggy and talked about Doug's birthday. We shared some ideas with each other and with out going into a lot of details, we didn't leave there until some time after 6:00 p.m. I called Doug to let him know, we were on our way home. Surprisely, he was still at work. Ugh! Poor thing! I guess he got home some time after 7:00. He was so tired.

Wayne called us the other day and told us that they were coming to visit us. What a nice surprise! I'm so excited. Doug mentioned a few things to Wayne that we could do while they are here. I'm still looking for other things that might happen this weekend.

Doug just told me that he's not going to be able to get his television Friday. The girl, he ordered it from, told him that the company is not releasing any TVs this week. He guesses because of the holiday weekend. He hopes to get it next week.

I called Mom this afternoon. She sounded lots better. According to her and Dad, she is off all medicine except the antibiotic for the Strep germ. She did have Pneumonia this past week, but the doctors told Dad that her lungs are clear and there are no signs of Pneumonia. THANK YOU DEAR JESUS! She did feel good enough to get out of bed and stand for a little while. Dad said she ate all of her soup and a little bit of ice cream at lunch time. I'm so relieved to hear this good news.

Whitney - you'll never believe what I tried tonight. California Rolls! Can you believe it? Doug brought them home tonight and we both sucked it up and tried them. I have to say, they taste pretty good. I'll definiately have them again. I didn't have any of the hot sauce that came with it because Doug said it was pretty hot. I liked the rolls by themselves. I would recommend them to anyone that likes seafood.

After the rain this morning, Katie and I got out of the house this afternoon long enough to do a little yard work in one of our flowerbeds. I cut back some monkey grass, racked out some leaves and planted bulbs. Poor Katie, I couldn't make her understand that you don't walk in the flowerbeds. Patiently, I explained to her about not walking in flowerbeds and I even showed her the flowers that were peeking through the soil. "Oh Mommy, that's a pretty flower," she said as she was squeezing the tips of the bulbs. Ugh!

Prayer Request
While I was writing in my blog tonight, I got a call from Susan. She said that Maryann's kitchen caught on fire from a skillet left on the stove. She was rushed to the emergency room because she grabbed the skillet and chunked it out the front door. All of us met her at the emergency room to make sure she was alright. She has 3rd degree burns on one hand and maybe 2nd degree burns on the other. Bless her heart, she was all bandaged up. She is suppose to meet with a doctor tomorrow to see how bad the burns really are. She said that she may be facing plastic surgery on the bad hand. I looked down her bandage and I saw where her fingernail got burnt. She said most of the burns are on the tops of her hands where the grease splashed on them. Natalie was there with her, while Kevin and Pat was at the house making sure everything was under control there. Nat said the whole skillet was a blaze when Maryann grabbed a pot holder, the skillet and headed for the door. We all loaded up from the hospital and went to Maryann & Kevin's house. Oh my gosh! Thankfully Natalie was in her room because from what I understand, Maryann and Kevin were in the basement and they didn't hear the alarm. It's just a mess! They got pretty emotional from time to time, which is perfectly understandable. Please keep them in your prayers!

Recently Watched Movies
I made today a movie day because it was suppose to rain all day. Well, they were wrong about that because I think most of the rain came and went around 9:00 this morning. We were going to have movie day any way. The first movie, "Enchanted" was pretty cute. I think I was enjoying it more than Katie or it could have been that she wanted to watch the "Barbie in Rapunzel" movie first. I promise, I try not to force things on Katie, she just likes Barbie. After we watched "Enchanted" the first time, she wanted to watch it again later on today. So, I know she liked it. When Giselle got first love's true kiss, Katie would get all shy and say, "oh, how sweet." Cute little booger! Rapunzel is the second Barbie movie I've seen and I'm really liking the Barbie movies. I rented "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway and "Atonement" with Keira Knightly. I loved "Becoming Jane!" Not only can I watch it in front of Katie, but it had such a good story line. I remember being told a long time ago that Jane Austin based her story "Pride and Prejudice" on her own true love life. The only man she would ever and only love, Tom, was "Darcy" on "P&P." Tom was desperately in love with Jane, but because he depended in his uncle's fortune in order to take care of his parents and siblings, they could never be together. Later in life, he named his older daughter "Jane" and he was able to see Jane Austin again and introduce his daughter to her. Oh, it's so romantic. If you like good romantic chick flicks, you'll love this one. I have to be careful when I watch "Atonement" because it's rated R.

Latest Children's Books
Katie and I have been trying out some new books from the Library. If you've never read "Fancy Nancy," I recommend it. Especially if your little girl is a little priss like my Katiebug. I got so tickled reading this book. Katie even got involved with this book. She'd ask, "what's she wearing Mom? Is that Fancy Nancy?" Katie seemed to like Fancy Nancy, which I have to say that it fits Katie to a tee.

The next book is "Skippyjon Jones." Oh, my gosh! This book is hilarious. It's too funny, especially me trying to remember my Spanish. What a challenge for me and it was so funny that I had to laugh. When I laughed, Katie would laugh. I know Skippyjon Jones is like a series of books, so I'm excited to see what kind of adventure he's going to next with his imagination. Too cute!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! I hope you have an enjoyable day tomorrow.

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