Friday, March 7, 2008

Katie Sick

St. Patrick's Day the Veggie Tale way. Katie loves Veggie Tales and thought we would share it with you.

Well, Katie got up sick this morning. While Doug was getting ready for work, he heard her crying and helped her get into bed with me. She seemed restless and wouldn't be still long enough to go back to sleep. Right after Doug left for work, she got up coughing and gagging. I got her calmed down when she said she wanted something to drink. Not thinking that she might have an upset stomach, I gave her milk. DUMB MOM! I won't go into detail because I think you know what happened next. Our comforter got in the cross fire, so I'm trying to wash it in the washing machine. Ick! All the days when I want her to drink Gatorade and juice, she wants milk. Go figure! She wouldn't eat crackers or toast and kept crying for pancakes. She likes the Eggos brand of mini pancakes. I took a chance in making her a few. It seemed to agree with her because she kept them down along with her juice. Hours later when she woke up from an hour nap, she got sick again. Ugh! I don't think she has a stomach bug because she seems to feel better after she calms down. I spoke to Maryann this afternoon and she seemed to think it's sinus drainage on her stomach. I had thought of the same thing because the way she would act. Bottom line is I think Katie has a little cold along with sinus drainage. Doug was sweet enough to stop by the grocery store and grab a few things for Katiebug. He got a gallon of apple juice, gatorade, jello, and apple sauce. Normally, Katie likes cherry or strawberry jello and strawberry/banana sauce. Do you think she would eat it tonight? NOPE! I guess that's the way it goes when you're sick, your taste buds get screwed up.

We got quite a bit of rain last night and early this morning. I've heard that the water board officials are talking about lifting the drought regulations. I went outside and it is bitterly cold. They are still forecasting on the news that we should get at least an inch of accumulation by late tonight. Brrr! I'm glad we got out yesterday because we didn't get out today and probably won't tomorrow either. I hate it that the early Spring flowers will probably get bit back. All night, we've been hearing it rain. I hope that all it will do is rain all night. We are under a Winter Weather Advisory all night. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

American Idol
I can't say I was surprised about the results last night. I do have to dance because DANNY is out of the house Dawg! LOL That boy was crazy or driving me crazy, I don't know which. It is clear he didn't have a real man figure in his life and that's all I'm saying. I have to say that I didn't enjoy the 80s week of auditions. I sure hope next week will be better. Oh, I'd like to know what medication Paula is addicted to this year? She made absolutely no sense with her goofy comments the other day. After she was acting like a fool with the crazy comments, Doug and I just looked at each other as to get confirmation as what we just heard. Was that too mean? Sorry, if it was.

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sarah and allan said...

LOL yes paula was on something for sure! we couldn't believe her commments either. Did she really call the audience a bunch of mutts?? hmmm.. and she was doing the pee pee dance the other night too.. umm your on T.V. lady!

Poor katie hope she feels better. Lilly has been really have a bad nose lately it doesn't let her sleep well so she is really fussy when she wakes up. I have to keep suctioning it out all the time and then she is happier