Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Liz!


I would like to wish Elizabeth a very special birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day and all the members of your family are feeling much better.

I really didn't do much today other than clean house. I had to wash floors, they were driving me crazy. It's amazing how filthy your kitchen & bathroom floors can get. Katie helped me wash the dishes. You know that was a lot of fun, but I was glad to get it done. We put all the Easter candy in gallon bags & packed up the Easter baskets for next year. Katie and I played Barbie dolls for a little bit. My main duty was to find all the Barbie doll clothes and dress them. What is it with little girls and taking the clothes off of their dolls?

It was such a nice day today, so I tried to get Katie out of the house. She went out for a little bit and next thing you know, she was telling me that she wanted to go back in the house because it was too cold for her. I was outside with shorts & short sleeve T-shirt and she was too cold. I knew what she wanted to do was watch her movie. Her new favorite movie is "Barbie in The Nutcracker." She loves it! It's fun watching her dance around the Living Room like a balleria. I think she watched this movie twice today.

I spoke to RuthAnne this afternoon and we got Katie all scheduled for swimming lessons for June 16th-20th during the morning hours. We are to meet at a sports club up the road from our house every day for 30 minutes at a time. The best part is I don't have to get a swim suit! Yes! She told me that she does much better if Momma isn't around, so I don't know what I'll do for 30 minutes. She told me to go ahead and get Katie adjusted to a small pool as soon as it gets warm enough. I told her that would not be a problem because Katie already tells me that she's a mermaid in the bath tub. It's funny watching her in the bath tub. She'll lay down with her hands behind her head with just a little bit of her face above the water. She tells me that she's relaxing. When she is a mermaid, she splashes most of the water out onto the bathroom floor. Thank goodness for thick towels. I've had to get a little strict with her because she'll splash water as far as the other side of the room.

The other day when we were at Target I nearly got a new swimming pool for this Spring/Summer. It was a blow up of Safari animals with a slide & water sprinkled out of the elephant's trunk. It was real cute, but I also liked another pool that had a different type of sprinkler.

I spoke to Mom today. Boy was she mad. She told me that she hates the rehab she's in right now(same one she was at before). Today, they made her do music therapy where you had to play an instrument until the therapist told you to stop. I guess they are measuring you on your motor skills and brain function. I told her that hopefully this will encourage her to get better and come home. Right off the bat, she told me that it's going to take time. I agreed with her. I didn't tell her about how I've feared that she is only doing what people tell her to do and nothing more on her own. I just hope Tim's right in his theory. He seems to think she hasn't done anything extra (on her own) because of all the medicine she's been on for so long. I'm going with Dad tomorrow to visit Mom. Peggy and Millard are going to watch Katie for me and Doug will probably pick her up on his way home.

Mom told me that Maryann passed out during one of her whirlpool therapies. I've been a little out of touch since Monday, so I didn't know about it. I called Maryann on her cell phone because I didn't know where she would be, June's, their house or the rental house. She did say that she had a difficult time with one of her therapy sessions & did pass out on Whitney and Natalie. Whitney and Natalie are in Florida, so this had to have happened around Monday. Of course, I don't know what day the girls were leaving for Florida, so it may have happened yesterday for all I know. Maryann said it happened when she found her blood pressure pills and decided to start taking them again. From what I understand, there might have been a reaction with the blood pressure medicine and pain pills causing her to black out. So, her doctor switched her pain medicine and she is doing better in that area. She saw the doctor this afternoon and he seems to think that she is healing real well. He didn't see any infection and apparently her nerves are healing because she said that her hands feel like they had a sun burn. The way she explained it was - you know when you get a sun burn and you go back out in the sun, you get a little burning action going on. Well, she said that's what it happening to her right now. Because of the pain pills she is on, she has to really concentrate on what she is doing because they are pretty powerful.

I asked Maryann about their house. She said that a cleaning company came in and cleaned it out, including the duct work. She is suppose to meet with the insurance adjuster and find out probably tomorrow how much they'll be getting for their Kitchen. Then, they need to find a contractor to get started on the work. Kevin said he didn't want them to move back into the house until the work is complete. So, I don't know how long it will take.

If you watch American Idol, don't forget that they have their results tonight based on last night's performances. You know, I haven't been too impressed with American Idol this year. Maybe it's because there is a lot going on with our family here for the past few months. I just can't get into it as much. The only ones that I've liked are David Cook, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns. Go figure! I like David Archuleta, but he is really getting too boring for me. He needs a good rock and roll song or a huge flame up his rear end to get him fired up.

I can't hardly wait for Hell's Kitchen! It will start April 1st. If you like that kind of thing, don't forget to watch on FOX channels.

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