Sunday, March 9, 2008

Did you make it to church on time? Ya know, I'm so in favor of us sticking to one time all year. I know there are some states that stick to one time and I think that is a great idea. It takes me 6-7 months to get use to the new time and then poof, it's time for the time to change back. Because Doug and Katie didn't feel good, I went to church at 10:00. I got to see tons of people running late for church. I ran into one of my friends, Shena. She was laughing saying that they forgot about Daylight Savings.

Doug and Katie both had stomach problems last night, so I left them in bed this morning. I probably would have stayed as well, but it was my turn to watch the two year olds at church. The ladies that helped me out said that they knew of several cases of people having the stomach bug. I have know idea what's wrong with my crew. Katie went from throwing up to diarrhea. It still might be from sinus drainage, but I have no clue. I'll tell you one thing I do know - I'M SICK OF THE SICKNESS!

Maryann called and spoke to Doug, while I was gone to Walmart to pick up some things. Maryann told Doug that Mom was sick again at the rehab. She has a stomach virus and according to Susan, she also has an infection in her bowels. She's on more antibiotics for the infection and of course they can't do anything for the virus. I'll be glad when Mom gets home then maybe she'll have a good chance of getting better. I don't know.

Can you believe Easter will be here in a couple of weeks? If everyone in my little family will stay well enough, I need to look for a dress. While I had the chance, I went ahead and got candy for the Easter bunny. Have you tried the candy grass? It's awful! This is just a friendly warning - DON'T EAT IT!


Laura said...

Candy grass? Never heard of it! Thanks for the warning.

I gave Le-Le pepto a few weeks ago when she seemed to be having stomach problems and it seemed to work for her. For the throwing up, I use Emetrol and it works, too. Hope Doug and Katie are feeling better soon!

The Mason Bunch said...

They sell it at Walmart and trust me, you don't want any.

I was told by another Mother not to give Pepto to small children that's why I didn't give her any. I didn't call her doctor. I guess I should have called.