Friday, February 29, 2008

Nice Evening With The Love Of My Life

Happy Leap Year!

I had another hard time getting Katie to stay in her bed last night. I think she finally gave it up around 11:45. Around 2:30 a.m., I felt her climbing in bed with us. I was too tired to care if she slept with us or not. Doug let us sleep in this morning. Around 9:00, Doug and I went in and pounced on Katie still sleeping in the bed. She is a lot like Momma because she likes to stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning. Even after we were aggravating her in the bed, tickling and picking at her, she still wanted to sleep. Lazy bones!

Whitney got in from school last night for the weekend. She called us up this morning to see if we were going to be home. Doug wanted to go running around town, so I thought it would be a good time to do a little girl talk. As always, I enjoyed her visiting us. We had a lot of catching up to do with school, friends, Zayne (boyfriend) and life in general. I think we have good times together. I just hate it that she lives so far away. Hopefully one day, she'll be able to move a little closer to home. Her boyfriend, Zayne, graduates UNA on May 10th. Yeah, it's the same day as Doug's birthday party. She hopes that they'll be able to make our party because Zayne's little sister, Nia, has a recital that afternoon. She said that he is counting down the days to his graduation and how she has to remind him to do his homework. Ha! Katie aggravated Whitney to death the whole time she was here. Katie plays so rough, I have to calm her down. I believe I put her in time out twice while Whitney was here. Whit has the cutest long haired dachsund, Layla. Well, it sounds like Layla is being a pistol here lately. She keeps her in her bedroom, while she is gone to class during the day. It seems that Layla gets into new trouble every night. The latest news is that she got into Whit's DVD movies and tore them all up. I felt so bad for Whit because she seems to be at wits end with her.

After Whitney left to pick up Natalie, Millard and Peggy drove in to pick up Katie for the night. I felt bad for them because Katie had not taken a nap all day. She was too wound up when Whitney was here to go to sleep. I made her sit on the couch by Whit to rest, but eventually she'd be on top of the couch or sneak off and go playing. I suspect she was out as soon as they hit the road to go to their house. Katie was so excited to go spend the night with her G'ma and PawPaw. She grabbed up her dolls and told everyone that she was ready to go.

Doug and I had a nice evening together. We started out sitting on the same couch together watching TV. We snuggled while watching "Under The Tuscan Sun" starring Diane Lane. I just love this movie and I couldn't believe Doug picked this movie out of our collection to watch. He wanted to go to the movie theater to watch "Fool's Gold," but we really didn't have the money and besides I enjoy snuggling on the couch. You're not able to talk in a movie theater like you can in the luxury of your own home. I had planned to make Chicken Parmigiana, but he wanted to go out to eat Mexican. I really didn't have the taste for Mexican, but I agreed. I got the tostada & spicy chicken burrito and I have to say it was real good. Doug was so happy that he got to eat Mexican food. When we got back home, he hit the couch and I grabbed the computer and chair. I told him that I guess we're back to being an old married couple. I guess it's good for our relationship to do this ever so often. I don't know about Doug, but I really did enjoy myself.


Laura said...

Alise liked Angelina, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mi,
I am so thankful Mom is doing better, you still get to enjoy your nieces and nephews, and yes, you may be acting like an old married couple. But that just means, "The Love is just growing deeper!" Love you!! sister Sandy