Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"No Country for Old Men"

"No Country for Old Men" is a terrible movie and I love Tommy Lee Jones. Maybe it's a man thing, but I was so disappointed at the end. Us ladies probably wouldn't like it as well as the guys. If you decide to watch it, be prepared to watch a lot of blood and gore. Sure, it kept you on your toes because you never know what was going to happen next, but there was no point. Doug of course, thought it was brilliant. What? I can't believe this movie received awards for best picture, etc. I told him ways that it would have been better. Will there be a sequel? If there is a sequel, I would hope that it would be better than the first movie. What's so bad is Doug bought this movie. He got it because someone told him that it was a real good movie. I don't think I would have wasted money to rent it.

Peggy had to go to town this morning, so she came by around 11:00 to pick up Katie for the day. Katie was so excited. She could still wear Alise's denium dress, so she wanted to wear it with a hair bow. She is getting to where she'll tell me if she wants a hair bow or piggy tails. After I got her dressed and hair fixed, she came in the Kitchen and asked us, Doug and I, if she looked pretty. She was playing with her hair when she asked if her hair was pretty. Doug and I giggled at her. She is such a priss! She jumped in her Grandma Peggy's car ready to go. I guess she is a lot like me when it comes to going. You say let's go and usually I ask when. Katie is always ready to go some where.

The satellite guy came out this afternoon and installed our new HD satellite and receiver. Doug is set for football season. Doug took off work today because the satellite being installed today. He is so excited! Right now, he is installing all the software. It's cute.

I'm going to be leaving her soon to visit Mom. I'm hoping she is having another good day. Then, I've got to stop by a few places before I get home tonight. Katie has three pairs of sandals for this Summer, but right now she needs tenny shoes. She is still wearing her size 7 tenny shoes and they are really too little for her. She hasn't complained about it, but I feel bad her wearing such small shoes. Right now, she needs a 7 1/2 size, but not all shoes come in a size 7 1/2. I'm hoping to find some tenny shoes in a size 8 on sale. Surely, she'll be able to wear them next Fall into Winter. Online at Baby Gap, they have a cute pair of jelly sandals. I would love to get her a pair of those as well. Their not too expensive either - $12.50. Have you ever seen the jelly sandals? I haven't noticed them until this year.

"Alvin and The Chipmunks" are coming out on DVD today. Best Buy has got a special on their Blu-Ray DVD in this movie. When you buy the movie, you'll get all three chipmunk stuffed animals. Doug wants me to check it out for Katie. Maybe they'll have one for her. I guess we'll see.

I'll give you an update on Mom's condition tonight. Stay tuned for all the latest . . . (tehe!)

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