Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol


I can't believe what happened to American Idol last night. First, Michael Johns and now Carly Smithson are voted off the show. What is this world coming to? Sure, neither Doug nor I liked the songs that the contestants sang the other night, but out of all the contestants, we liked Carly's performance the best. It was such a shock when they said she had the least votes. I just knew Jason or Syesha would be voted off last night. What a surprise!


Speaking of Jason. When is that boy going to fix his hair? I never really liked his hair, but last night it looked awful. My opinion, he would look gorgeous if he cut that mess off and show off those baby blues.


Laura said...

I didn't get to watch AI last night because we went out to eat, but Amy IM'ed me and told me. I thought I was going to fall out of the recliner!! I couldn't believe it!

The Thorsrud Family said...

he has some perty eyes! yum yum! haha.