Friday, April 4, 2008



I would like to congratulate Whitney on her new Summer job with the Helen Keller Hospital. She will be working in the Pediatric/Nursery floor. I'm so excited for her. I wish you the best of luck.

I would like to congratulate Nicholas for getting a Rotary Award. I'm very proud of you.

I would also like to congratulate Sarah for making it into the Nursing Program. We wish you all the best of luck in the Nursing field.

I talked to Mom tonight and she was real tired. She said she was relieved that Susan went with her to the hospital because she didn't have her procedures done until around 1:00 this afternoon. She said that she would have been so bored having to wait around. She's glad that all of this is put behind her and is looking forward to tomorrow. Of course, she hasn't done much today after she got back from the hospital. I called her around 7:00 and Dad had just left to go home.

Prayer Request

I've been watching the news throughout the day because of all the storms. It sounds like our town got hit the worst. Trees up rooted and laying on houses and vehicles, roofs blown away, power outages and don't forget the big gas leak. It was all over the news. With trees down and other debris on the roads, police had to close down a long stretch of highway to get it cleaned up. Our Water Plant had to close down because of power outages, so they are encouraging people to take it easy with the water for the rest of the day. One church member had 2 trees on his house and 1 tree on his boat. Maryann said she show it and she would considered it a loss. I still haven't heard of any injuries, but lots of damage. One church opened up it's doors to help the victims with their loss.

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sarah and allan said...

Hello Mi,
thank you for the congrat's. Now lets see if i can really make it thru the program. lol. YOur nkotb posting cracked me up. I watched the today show or whatever they were on the other morning. I was suprised to see them. lol. Should be interesting. I can remember the craze a little but i guess it was a bit before my time. I think i was 10 or so when they were big so i was more into barbies and running in the woods than listening to music. haha. We did like your chicken and I'll have to try this dip. Maybe for the big ballgame on sunday. We are rooting for Kansas. That's allan's team. My ky boys just haven't been any good lately. boo..