Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 3

Yesterday was very tiring, so sorry I didn't write. I loaded up the vehicle and headed out around 10:00 yesterday morning and didn't get home until around 9:30 last night. Katie and I had to stop by Maryann's work to pick up a few documents for June and Susan. Katie had some Library books that were due and Walmart was our last stop before heading to Mom and Dad's house. Our Walmart is always changing their store lay out. It really gets on my nervous! Just when I finally remember where everything is located, they move it around and I stay lost for months trying to find things. Ugh! On top of that, they are changing their cashiers around. I have my usual cashiers that we talk back and forth, well now I've got to break in some new ones. They are young and not very nice. I think I offended one of the cashiers by asking about the store change. I was just joking around, but apparently she didn't hear me giggle and I know she did see me smile because she wouldn't look up for a second. She was very in-to her job. Anyway, she said it would be this messed up for the next 12 weeks. YUCK! Target - I would love for you to move into my back yard, so I can avoid Walmart's annual store flipping.

I didn't get to Mom and Dad's house until after 1:00. I felt bad because I didn't get there earlier. Dad can't handle Mom very well. I got Mom a few things that I thought she might want. For instance, I got some games - Connect 4, Candy Land and Memory Game. I thought it would be fun for Katie, Mom and I to play games, plus it would be good for her mind. I picked her up a jumbo word search for her to do, while she is sitting in her chair. I also picked up some Sprite Zero, Pimento Cheese Spread with Croissant Rolls, Splenda sweetened canned fruit, and etc. When I walked in their door, I could see that Mom was getting tired. I asked her if she had a nap and she said that she had been sitting in that chair since 8:30 this morning. Okay. Right off the bat, Dad started asking me about her medication and checking her sugar. Her sugar levels have been good and in control between 90-140. After I checked her sugar and gave her the noon meds, I made her lunch. She was just too tired to eat. It wasn't long after she laid down, the Occupational Therapist showed up. I hated having to wake her up. After we rolled her into the Living Room, she was still real sleepy. Dad took Katie outside because she was getting rowdy. The OT and I kept asking Mom if she was okay because she kept putting her hand to her head. He said he was done with her, so Dad and I rolled her back to bed. I was waiting for Dad to pull the sheets back when all of the sudden, Mom's body started rolling forward. I couldn't grab her fast enough and Dad heard me yell. He couldn't get to her either. Poor thing, she fell face forward down on the floor. Her eyeglasses hit the register and broke. I felt terrible. We don't know what happened to her causing the fall out like that. Thank goodness, the OT was still there and I asked him to check her out. He thinks she got a little banged up, but nothing serious. He called it into Alacare for precaution and advised us to use her strap even while she is in her wheelchair. She has a couple of places on her face where she got carpet burn. She didn't get to rest much all day. When the OT left, it wasn't long before the Physical Therapist and Nurse showed up as well. Mom was wiped out before Susan, Leslie and Jon showed up. Sue brought us Supper and it was so good. I got Dad all fixed up. I made him a binder with a color coded "Mom's Medication Schedule", Meds Taken Check Off List and Meals Journal. He said today that it seems to work for him better than what the hospital gave him.

Today, we got over there around 9:00. Mom had been up since 7:30 this morning. She ate all of her breakfast and most of her lunch. I would have to say that today was a good day for her. She was able to help us more with using her own strength - standing, stepping, sitting up and pulling up. I was so proud of her. Dad and her have found a method to pivoting from the wheelchair to either the bed or chair. I tell Mom to do her waltz, they slow dance. The rocking motion keeps her feet in rhythm. She did her Word Search for about 15 minutes before she began to get frustrated. I suggested a game, so we played Connect 4 for a few games before she got wiped out. We let her rest for 1 hour. I think the good rest did her a lot of good because she was able to do all of her exercises in bed; whereas, she couldn't do much the first day home because of her being so tired. Once she was able to sleep and exercise, she built up an appetite for lunch. We had to leave at 2:00 because I had an appointment to meet the lady about the Scout's Hall for the party next month. June said she would get home right after work, so I didn't feel bad about leaving them alone for 2 hours. I think June and Dad are going to try to give Mom a bath this evening.

Potty Training Update
Believe it or not, the training is coming right along. She's had dry pants all day, except for when she had a bowel movement this afternoon. I've kept Pull-Ups on her for fear of her making a mess while we were at Mom and Dad's house. I just knew our potty training days would come to a halt for a little while or until we could get back on a schedule. She loves getting her prize for going to the potty and I keep my promise, even if it's midnight and she has to go potty.

CPSC Recall Notice
Push Toys Recalled by Santa’s Toy Corp. Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard - Link:

We got our Pampers' reward today. Katie saw her new puzzles on the table and asked me where I got them from. I told her that it came in the mail. She likes her new puzzles (4 total), but they are still a little hard for her yet because she needed help.

I also got my Bare Escentuals Eye Makeup, Brush and free samples in as well. I can't wait to try the eye shadows out tomorrow. I'm tempted to spend some more of Doug's points to get another egift certificate from Sephora. I enjoyed spending that certificate so much. Watch out Doug!

Have a great Friday!


Laura said...

It just broke my heart to read about your mom's bad day yesterday, but I'm glad she's doing better. Can't wait to see her next month!

Keep encouraging Katie! If Alise drinks alot at night, she wakes up with a wet pullup in the morning. For a while, she was doing so well at night. She does good at nap time, but I guess the extra hours make it harder. I think she does it in her sleep!

Give Katie a kiss for us! I bought her some glittery body lotion tonight, too! Alise insisted.

The Thorsrud Family said...

GO KATIE!! GOOD JOB! It's funny....Maddie got potty trained during our busiest time. Sounds like Katie is doing the same thing. Their schedule just isn't the same as ours. haha. :0)