Friday, April 4, 2008

No Problems with Mom's Colon or Stomach

I just got an update on Mom's procedures. The technicians got a late start this morning, so she just got out. They only saw one polyp in her colon, but it looked benign and not a danger. Her stomach looks fine, no ulcer. So, the next question is "what caused her to loose blood." According to Mom, the nurse told her that there was blood in her stool sample. Last Tuesday, I remember a nurse taking a stool sample for some test. I didn't hear her say that there was blood in the stool, she just came in and said that Mom needed some blood. Anyway, the doctor that Susan talked to at the hospital said that if she continues to loose blood, the next step would be to do an X-ray of her small intestines to see if there is a problem there. The doctor said he would make these notes for Dr. Stewart's, at the rehab center, records. He went on to say that there are no signs of infection and it looks like the C-Def is gone. Thank you God! Sue said they'll wait around at the hospital to get Mom woke up before she'll head back over to the rehab center. Susan suspects that they'll probably go back around 4:00, just in time for Dad to get there. I told Susan to be careful because there are still some bad storms coming through Alabama.

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