Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good News!

Update On Mom
I've got good news everyone! Mom is suppose to be coming home Saturday. She's been a little depressed because she was told a couple different times that she would be coming home and she didn't. She said tonight that she's not holding her breath because she's afraid the doctors will change their mind again. Bless her heart, she wanted to come home with us tonight so bad. Julia, Case Worker, told Maryann that they would like for her and Dad to come down during Mom's therapy on Friday to go over a few things about Mom's health care. Also, they want to talk with Maryann and Dad about Mom's diabetes. Dr. Adams feels that her high blood sugar count is temporary, but it needs to be monitored. Today, her sugar count was 140 and they want it around 120. I told Dad that if Maryann goes with him on Friday, I would like to go Saturday to pick her up. I'm hoping that Maryann can just show me what to do to check her blood sugar. They did take her pick line out today. She is still eating all of her meals. She seemed to enjoy Katie visiting her today. Katie got up in bed with her and they ate peanuts. Dad told Mom about Katie using the potty and that seemed to excite her. Katie even went pee-pee in Mom's potty at the rehab center. I've been carrying around my folding potty seat and had it with me tonight. Other than Katie wanting to touch everything in the bathroom including the emergency string, she did good sitting there pee-peeing.

Dad is all excited about Mom coming home. He talked about getting ready for Mom all the way to the rehab center. I told him that I would come over tomorrow some time and clean the house for them. We talked about different dinners that he could fix without a lot of attention to it. I also reassured him about us girls making them meals when she gets home.

Maryann Update
Dad told me today that Maryann was dismissed from the doctor and she was still doing well. I know Friday, I talked with her and her new contractor got a small crew together and helped move the furniture for them. So, it sounds like progress with the Kitchen/Living Room construction.

Potty Training
Yes, it's still frustrating but as long as Katie sticks with it, I guess I will hang in there. When all this potty training is over, we may need new carpet. She went pee-peed in the potty three times today, including the time at the rehab center. Every other time, I made Katie help clean up her mess. She still doesn't like that too much. While she's cleaning she'll tell me "I not do that again!" The last time she peed in her panties before I put a pull-up on her for nap time, she got upset and told me that she needed to go to the potty. I didn't know that she already peed, so I rushed her in the bathroom. She whined about peeing in her panties, like she was mad at herself about messing up her panties. Secretly, I was proud to hear her being upset about it. I reassured her that it's okay to have accidents and that we'll have to try harder to put our pee-pee in the potty. She apologized and said she would. I've threatened her with the baby diapers a few times today and she still doesn't want the diapers back on. That's good. Right?

Looking Into The Past Posting Update
Sandy commented on the "Looking Into The Past" blog and I have to correct my posting. I knew I looked awfully young to be 10 years old. She said that Elizabeth was 14 months, Allan was 3 years old and I was 8 years old. She went on to say that the picture was taking in 1983 and my Grandpa & Grandma Godfrey came down from Ohio to visit us. Of course, I can't remember that far back. She said that this was the first time everyone got to meet Elizabeth. Grandpa Godfrey took this picture of us kids on the front porch.


sarah and allan said...

AWWW go mama Mi! Katie will get there the toughest thing i think is not giving up on them. They will get it down. I'm so happy that your mom gets to come home1 yeahhh.. We really like the skillet sensations for meals and the crock pot ones from marie calendars are very tasty and simple. Throw everything in and wait.. those might be some easy things for your dad to do and they aren't that expensive either. Just an idea.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Katie is so funny, "I not do that again!" haha! That's funny. I love how you make her clean up her mess. That's great she is getting upset. Now she just has to learn how to control those bladder muscles and recognize it! She's a smart girl...I bet the worst is almost over for you guys. WOO HOO GRANDMA!

Laura said...

Glad to hear about your mom! Keep at it with Katie-bug! I know the whole potty training thing can be disappointing and aggravating, but stay with it because it will be SO worth it!!!