Friday, April 4, 2008

NKOTB Are Coming Back!

Okay, so I've been hearing rumors that one of my favorite bands in the late 80's, early 90's are making a come back - NKOTB (New Kids On The Block). Yes, I was one of those Millie Vanilli, NKOTB, MC Hammer, Bobbie Brown, Vanilla Ice fans. Ah, the days! Well, I was flipping the channels this morning and flipped it over on The Today Show (NBC). Who should I see? NKOTB! Oh my gosh! They are doing it. They are making a come back and they still look good. According to The Today Show's hostess, they will have a premiere on their show May 16th. I couldn't get over how much Donnie looks just like his brother, Markie Mark. You may know him as Mark Wahlburg(?). Donnie is following in his brother's footsteps by going in the acting career. I don't know the name of the movie he is working on right now. So, for those of you who are old NKOTB fans, you might want to tune in or TiVo it.

I would like to recommend a children's book, "Gossamer" by Stephen Cosgrove. I got it from the Library and read it to Katie last night. It is a good morals story book about vanity. A beautiful Winter White Weasel knows that she's beautiful and she spends most of her time going around watching other creatures making sure that she continues to be the most beautiful creature in the land of Barely There. She soon learns a very good lesson on being vain and changes her life for the better. It's a sweet story.

We just had a storm come through here around 11:00. It rained real hard and it was very windy, but it didn't last long. Unfortunately, our power went out for a while. Katie couldn't understand that her movie went off and I couldn't get it back on. She kept telling me that her TV needed batteries to make it work. Most of the damage was just south of us around a shopping center. I've heard there was damage to Belk, Dairy Queen, Books-A-Million with the roof being blown off, lots of fallen trees and a huge gas leak at a near by gas station. I know three houses had one large oak tree fall on it, causing lots of damage. I haven't heard any reports of anyone injured because of it. I don't even know if the gas leak was caused by the storm. I had a few people call me to make sure Katie and I were alright. On the news, they are suspecting a little tornado might have developed to cause this damage, but it could have been straight line winds just as well.

Katie's new phrase: "Come here, I got to show you something." Today, she wanted me to stay in her room. She'd holler from her room, if she saw me in the hallway. "Come here Mom, I got to show you something." Okay, I went in her room and asked what it was she had to show me. She pointed to her Barbie Dolls lined up on her bed. She caught me in the hallway again and said it again. I went back in her room and she just got all shy and giggly. She just wanted me to hang out with her.

Dad and I visited Mom yesterday. Of course, she was a little scared about the procedure today. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits. She said her therapy went real well. She got to walk 20 feet again with the help of her walker. Dr. Adams came in right when Dad and I was about the leave for the day. He didn't say much that we didn't already know. Mom's still pain free and yesterday was the last day she took her antibiotics. They should be taking the pick line out of her arm soon. I know Dr. Barnes said that he wanted another MRI on Mom's back to make sure the infection is gone. So, I don't know if they'll wait until she has the MRI done before they take the pick out. It's 1:00 and I haven't heard anything yet about the results from Mom's procedures. Susan went with her today to the hospital. I just left a message on Sue's phone to find out what's going on. Dad told me not to call her, but let her call us. I tried to hold off, but I couldn't stand it. I'm hoping she'll let me know something soon.

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