Saturday, April 26, 2008


Doug and I picked up Maryann and we headed to the airport, in order to pick up Sandy. I got tickled at Doug because he found a great spot to view the airplanes coming in. We spotted the terminal that Sandy would be coming out and Doug had it all planned out. Well, my Diet Sun Drop kicked in, so I told Maryann that I was heading to the restrooms. I was entertained by the new toilet seat covers. They look like clear plastic sleeves around the seats. All you do is press a big red button and the sleeves move around until a new clean cover is ready for you sit down and relax. Wow! How nice! Just as I'm walking out of the restrooms ready to tell Maryan about the neat toilet seats, she steals my thunder by telling me that Sandy has already landed and is waiting for us by the luggage. Okay. I had to look at my watch twice because she got here real early; however, she made up the time by trying to find her luggage. Ugh! It wasn't on the same plane she was on. Why do they do that? It beats me. Anyway, she got her suitcase and we were headed for the door. She was telling us on the way to the hospital about the blizzard her and Wade had to go through on their way to Cheyenne. Bless her heart.

Doug didn't care for the hotel that Aunt Sherry made reservations, near the airport. We drove over there and I had to agree with him, I didn't particularly care for neighborhood. It's bad news when you have a chain link fence around the premises. Yikes! We drove on down past the hospital into a fairly new development and found both a nice Hampton Inn and Marriot Courtyard. We stopped by the hotels in order for me to get their business card and other information. Hampton Inn offers hospital and senior citizen discounts, whereas Marriot doesn't. We found some of my aunt's favorite hot spots like Hooters and Chili's Restaurants and a Starbucks Coffee. Doug took us to Jim and Nick's BBQ for a late lunch and I called Aunt Sherry and let her know. She seemed to like that idea a lot better and decided to book a room with Hampton Inn. Plus, her daughter, Renee, has decided to come with her. I thought that was a great idea. I know Aunt Sherry needs her family with her to help comfort her, if things get worse with Mom. The area that she will be staying is 1.8 miles from the hospital and there is great shopping around there as well.

We went to the hospital for the 5-6 o'clock visitation. They are now making family members go 2 at a time and you have to wear full garb (garment cover, gloves & mask). By the way, I hate the mask. It's bad enough the gloves make your hands sweat, but the mask makes your face sweat because your talking and I guess it's the hot breath that makes you sweat. I don't know, but I don't like it. After visiting Mom this afternoon, I am encouraged once again. It's like limbo (her condition is up and down). They did have a feeding tube in her nose. I'm guessing that is what is helping her feel better and a little stronger. She had a little color in her cheeks. She would open her eyes for a little while and then her eyeslids would get tired again. When she first started talking to you, she started off strong and later you had a hard time hearing what she was saying. She said that her stomach isn't hurting anymore, she's not moaning and groaning anymore. She told me that her diahhrea has stopped. Thank goodness!! She didn't seem as weak as last night. I looked at her lunch plate and she ate a whole lot more than she did yesterday. Maryann said that if she had to guess, she ate about 1/3 of her lunch. Her spirits seemed to be up a little more tonight than last night. Sandy got her to smiling. It began to rain when we got back there to see her and I brought it to her attention and she opened those eyes to see it rain. She said overall she feels better. She had a CT scan today of her Gall Bladder. We won't know the results until some time tomorrow. The nurse gave Maryann the phone numbers of Mom's doctor offices. She is suppose to call them either tomorrow or the next day to find out the results of the test and find out the doctors' opinions of Mom's progress. As soon as Maryann finds out something, she is to contact us and let us know what's going on. We all seemed very encouraged about her progress, but it's like I said - limbo. She has bad days and good days. Today was a good day. Thank you for all the prayers.

Tim, Susan, Leslie & Jon are suppose meet Aunt Sherry and Renee at the airport and drive them to their hotel room and then later to the hospital. June, Dad and Sandy are to meet them at the hospital. I think Maryann, Natalie and Whitney are suppose to go during the 1-2 o'clock visitation. There is a scrub store near Aunt Sherry and Renee's hotel that Whitney wants to check out. Whitney is going to start her new job soon and she needs some scrubs, so Maryann said she would help her out by buying her a few to start out in. Whitney seems excited about her new job at a hospital in Florence. I think it will be good experience for her. With everyone visiting Mom in the morning, Doug and I have decided that we would stay home tomorrow. I told Dad and Sandy that I might be able to go with them either Tuesday or Thursday. We will have to see.

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