Monday, April 28, 2008

I Need Your Help, Please!

Some more old photos. Can you name the kids in this old photo?
L-R: Donna(I believe), Shawn, Henry, Sis, Wayne & Doug. So cute!

Okay, I need help! A couple of people have suggested having music at the party and I think it is a great idea. Plus, Aaron, Natalie's boyfriend, asked her if there will be dancing. He loves to dance. Well, we are going to have a wide range of attendance (family, old friends & church friends). I don't need racy or vulgar lyrics. I've picked out a few Josh Turner, Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, Hall & Oates, Hewis Lewis & The News, Heart, Jon Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, LeeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, and Janet Jackson. I need suggestions - PLEASE! I was thinking about Aerosmith, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood.

I was able to do some party stuff this morning. I felt relieved getting some more finished. I'm hoping to get to Party City some time this week.

I also played with Katie a little bit. I feel guilty for not being home with her for the past few days and I shipped her off to her grandparents again tonight. I feel bad, but I'm hoping that Mom continues to improve so I'll be able to stay home more. Katie never really had a schedule, but bless her heart she's all screwed up for the time being. Most of the day today, she'd tell me "Mommy, Mommy let's play. Will you play with me?" That breaks your heart. Needless to say, I didn't get much house cleaning done. I figure I'll be able to get it done some time this century. I've thought about hiring Natalie or Leslie after school to come clean my house. I'm afraid they'll take one look at our house and tell their Momma's "no, I'm not going back!"

Mom's Condition Continues to Improve
According to Sherry and Sandy, Mom seems to be doing better. Sherry said they took out Mom's feeding tube and she ate some of her lunch and all of her chocolate pudding. The nurse told Aunt Sherry that if we bring some of Mom's favorite things to eat, to go right ahead. She went on to say Mom seemed to feel better than she did yesterday. This is very encouraging news. I hope she will continue to improve. Apparently, Mom was sassing the Physical Therapist today, telling her that she had a PT at home. Sherry told her that she needed to have her therapy and Mom resisted. So, Sherry asked her if I came to the hospital would she do therapy for me, Mirya. Mom told Sherry that she would do therapy with me because I knew the correct exercises to do. Ha! Ha! She can be such a hard head! Sherry told me that I had my work cut out for me tomorrow. TEHE!

Special Prayer Request
Liz called me this morning looking for Sandy. She said Jake's abscess came back and she had to take him back to the doctor today. She seemed very upset, poor thing. She needed her Momma to give her a hug. Liz - I hope everything goes alright.

Pizza Night & Dancing With The Stars
Doug wanted to make his pizza for supper tonight. We called up Peggy and Millard and they came over to eat with us. It was yummy! For it to be thin crust, it was the best one I've had in a very long time. We all ate pizza and watched "Dancing with the Stars." Katie wanted someone to get up and dance with her. She seemed some what satisified with me sitting on the floor. I was able to dance with her in that position. She likes for me to twirl her around and around in circles until she gets dizzy. She was wanting Peggy to get up and dance with her, but Peggy was giving all kinds of excuses. tehe! When it was time for Peggy, Millard and Katie to leave, Katie was ready to go. I put on her shoes and sweater and she stood by the door telling us "bye." She loves to go any where. As we were carrying her out the door, Doug pointed to the eave of our carport. There was another baby bird resting. The last time, there were 3 or 4 baby birds pirched on the eaves of the carport. Katie was so excited then and she remembered tonight about the baby birds. She was all excited telling her Grandma and Grandpa about the baby bird resting. I told her he was sleeping and she thought that was a big deal.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

Thanks for the hug. I need one! Ya, Jake's little butt is wearing me out. Why is this time so crazy for all of us?!?!?! Well I will let you know what happens at his net appointment on Thursday. ** Hugs**