Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katie, Katie, Katie!

This morning, Katie and I went over to Dad and Mom's house for a few hours. I was able to help him clean up a little, getting ready for Mom. He is so excited, but he's not too excited because he hasn't bought any groceries for her. Yikes! I offered to get a few things, but he wants to wait until Saturday when she comes home. He said he thought about getting a few things today, but he is afraid it won't be what she wants. I'm still planning to go with him and Maryann tomorrow, so hopefully we'll know more information about what kind of diet she'll need. While I was cleaning, Katie stayed in the Living Room with Dad and watched TV. Katie kept being sneaky behind Dad's chair. At first, I thought she was sneaking around to go potty in her pants. I had pull-ups on her, so that was alright. I kept asking her if she needed to go potty and what she was doing. "I not doing anything. I just playing" she said. Dad told me to leave her alone because she wasn't doing anything wrong. "I'm watching her" he said. Just then, I saw it. "Oh no she's not!" I told him as I'm running to her. The little turkey was sitting in the floor with four bottles of nail polish in front of her. Every one of them were open and she had all of her fingernails and toes nails painted 4 different colors. I was scared to death that the polish got on the carpet. My heart hit my toes until I examined the floor real good where she was sitting. She may have had polish from her nails to her knuckles, but she didn't get any on the carpet. Shoo! Dad the whole time was laughing at us. "She's something isn't she?" he said. I agreed that she is something.

We got home and got her all set up for nap time. She decided that she wasn't going to take a nap and better yet, she was going to be a brat. "I not take a nap, I just get up" she informed me. Oh, fun! She just knew that potty training wasn't enough for me. I needed a brat on top of potty training. I made her stay in her room for two hours, but she still wouldn't take a nap. I think she missed being in the naughty chair because I think I had her in the naughty chair three times (I believe) this afternoon. While I was talking to Wayne on the phone, I heard a lot of noise in Katie's bedroom. I looked down the hall and she tore down the wall of clothes, got to her top shelf and knocked everything off of it. It looked like a tornado went through her room. Clothes taken out of the Space Bags and strowed all over her floor. At first I told her to help me clean up the mess, but I could tell right off that it would cause me more pain. So, I made her sit on her stool and watch me clean up the mess. Of course, I gave her one of my 30 minute boring lectures about why we don't knock off the wall of clothes and then strow them all over the floor. For punishment, I took away her TV time for the rest of the night. This absolutely killed her because she is loving "Alvin and The Chipmunks" movie. She is going to hate giving it back to the Movie Gallery tomorrow, when it's due back.


What about American Idol's results tonight? Michael Johns is kicked off. I just knew it was Carly Smithson because she did terrible the other night. I didn't think Michael did as bad as Carly or David Cook. I'm glad Carly and David made it, don't get me wrong. They are still two of my favorites, but they need to step it up next week.


The A-Day game is this weekend. Are you going? If anyone out there is going, please get back with me with all the behind the scene excitement. Doug told me that if your television reception receives the network CSS, you might be able to watch the game. I don't know what time the game starts. ROLL TIDE!

If you collect earning points for Pampers, they've got some new rewards - Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles. It's been awhile since I've seen anything worth redeeming my rewards. It is a set of four nice, challenging wooden puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers. We got Katie one of these puzzles for Christmas and she is just now getting interested in it. I've thought about packing up her peg board puzzles because they are too easy for her. She prefers playing with the peg board or 5 piece jigsaw puzzles instead of her new 12 piece jigsaw puzzle. According to Pampers' new regulations, I can only redeem one prize a day. So, I redeemed just one set of jigsaw puzzles (dog, cat, gold fish & something else) tonight. The other set that I would like to get is underwater sea life.

The potty training is still going. She only used the potty twice today, but that's still good. I guess. She still doesn't want to wear baby diapers. I opened a new pack of Pull-Ups in case Doug needs them tomorrow. He's not too sure he's up for the challenge of potty training. He said he may have to put a diaper on her while I'm gone. I told him, no just put on a Pull-Up if it's too much. I'd rather her have a Pull-Up on then the diapers again.


The Thorsrud Family said...

you poor poor poor thing. Is this pay backs for what you did to your parents?? haha. What's the deal here??? I know this isn't funny to you....but I just love hearing your stories. haha. You have to admit your little girl has one heck of a personality on her!

Laura said...

Between stripping and fingernail polish what in the world are we going to do with our girls?