Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Events

Yesterday, Susan called me before church all upset. She wanted to visit Mom, but she just found out that Tim got the shingles (?). We've always heard that they are contagious, but Sue got online and it didn't tell if it was or not. She didn't know what to do. She wanted Mom to have some visitors that day other than Dad, but she didn't know if she should visit her or not. I knew that if Sue went ahead, visited Mom and she was to get sick the next day, Susan would not be able to forgive herself. I knew that Doug and I were going shopping after church, so I told Sue that we would stop by and visit her. Millard & Peggy wanted Katie to come to church with them. So, I got her ready & Doug took her to their church. It was my Sunday to keep the two year olds, so I went on by myself and Doug stayed home. I thought when I got home to pick up Doug, we would head for the mall. Nope. When I got home, Doug was no where to be found and he wasn't answering his cell phone. Ugh! The crazy thing went ahead to Belk to exchange some pants. Okay. We went by and picked up Natalie to go with us. I think Doug liked the idea of Natalie going with me that way he wouldn't have to follow me around the mall.

On the way to the mall, Natalie told me about her new friend, Aaron, and their Prom night. He sounds like a lot of fun to be with. She said that a group of them went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for supper before they went to the Prom. I'm telling you what, Kevin is going to have to beat the guys off with a baseball bat. tehe! I say that because she has got the guys lined up. While on the road, she was receiving texts/phone calls from John, Aaron and some other guy. It's too funny! The best part about it is that she hasn't committed to anyone of them. She is dating and having a great time. She did tell me that she is enjoying Aaron's company a whole lot more than the others. She was so funny talking about him. Doug started aggravating her about Aaron and his nickname "Primetime." Then we saw the pictures of their Prom night. Natalie warned us how crazy (funny) Aaron was. He wore a light blue tux jacket with pink cumber bun and tie and white pants. His collar stood up and he wore sunglasses. Crazy right? You know he pulled it off. He looked like Sonny Crocket off of Miami Vice with dark hair.

I had a $10 gift card from Belk that I had to spend or I would loose it. I told Natalie that I needed some Summer shirts and shorts, but I didn't know if the latest fashions would look nice on me. She was a lot of help! We picked a few of the new baby doll shirts that tie in the back. Natalie was my judge if it looked nice or not. She was straight forward with me, which is what I like. You never can trust department store mirrors because they lie. She brought some shirts to me in the dressing room. This is one shirt she gave me to try is probably our favorite, it's zebra print and it ties in the back. The way it's made, makes me look thinner. She made me feel good. She told me that animal print looks good on me. I found a cute pair of khaki cropped pants, but I didn't find any shorts that I liked. I tried the Bahama shorts and I don't know if I could get use to them because they come to my knees. I just don't think they looked nice on me. It's a whole new look for me, so not be too shocked when you see me in my new outfits. tehe! While we were still in Belk, Natalie received a phone call from one of her friends, John. She said that he doesn't live far from the mall, we were at, and he wanted to see her. I told her it fine with me, if she wanted to hang out with him at the mall. He didn't mess around because before we left Belk, he showed up. I told her I would call her when we were ready to go. I wanted to stop by by J.Jill, Gymboree, The Children's Place and Disney. Online, The Children's Place was having a good sale on their T-shirts for Katie, plus I had a 15% off coupon. I didn't find a thing because they were picked through. At J.Jill I found a nice pair of brown dress pants for $24.99 that I thought would look good with one of my new blouses, but they didn't have my size. Ugh! Katie really loves Giselle off of the new movie "Enchanted." At the Disney store, I found a Giselle Barbie doll for $7.99. I also found the Giselle T-shirts for $4.99, but I thought Katie would like the doll more than the shirt. I had to get for her. At the cash register, the doll rang up $5. I liked that price even better.

We got to the rehab center around 5:00 and Dad was still there. It wasn't long after we got to Mom's room before Dad left. Mom seemed to be doing good. She sat up and talking to us, but you could tell she was weak. Doug and Natalie got to telling jokes back and forth for Mom, which perked her up. Dad said her sugar was 160. He went on to say, Dr. Stewart came in and told him that she is doing better than what she was on Friday. They still don't know what happened to her, but they are planning on her to be released on Tuesday. I wanted to make sure I got to see her eat a little bit before we left to go home. She couldn't feed herself real good, so I helped her a little. I wanted to make sure she ate because of her sugar and to give her strength. I guess we left around 7:00-7:30. I hated leaving her because I could see that her eyes were whaling up with tears. I told her that she would probably see me Tuesday. Maryann made arrangements to go with Dad on Monday. They will meet with Mom's therapist and see what Mom is capable of doing. Peggy said that she could keep Katie on Tuesday, so I can go with Dad.


Dropping Natalie off at her house, we stopped in to visit with Maryann and Kevin for a bit. Plus, we knew that Aaron was coming over to visit Natalie last night and we wanted to meet him. Before Aaron showed up, Maryann and Natalie told me how beautiful he was. They said that Kevin and him hit it off right away. Oh Natalie, he is gorgeous! You go girl! You're right, his eyes draw you in like Zayne's. The best part about meeting him is that he actually talks to you. Doug had to ask him about his nickname "Primetime." How in the world did he get that name? He explained that he plays basketball, football and boxes. When he won the golden glove, one of his buddies told him that he is "Primetime" and the name has pretty much stuck. Doug was picking at him saying that he's nickname should be "Crockett" because the way he was dressed on Prom night. Aaron's face got a little red, but I don't think he really knows who Sonny Crockett it. We have to keep in mind that these kids are too young to remember those shows in the 80's. He seemed like a nice kid.

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Laura said...

I know you are excited about tomorrow!!

As for the shingles, my mother had them as well as a friend at work and they are the most painful thing in the world!! What part of the body does he have them?