Monday, April 7, 2008

Potty Training Update

Every other time I change Katie's diaper, I'll ask her if she wants to go potty in the big potty. Normally, she says "no thank you." Today, she said "ah, huh." I couldn't believe my ears. Well okay, let's go. I excepted it to be like all the other times, she'll sit on the potty and not do anything until 10 minutes later when she gets off the potty. This time I had a little surprise. She actually pee-peed in the potty. Yes! I did my potty dance and sang my potty song. I tried to build it up for all that it's worth. She even got excited! This is positive. Right? She told me that she was a big girl, so maybe she does listen to me. I asked her if she wanted to try the potty training thing and get to wear big girl panties. "Sure" she said. Alright! I got excited. So we washed our hands and headed for her pantie drawer. She picked out the "Little Mermaid" panties and was excited to put them on. She told me that "she not pee-pee or pooh-pee in her mermaid panties." I agreed with her and I made it out to be this big thing. About 30 minutes later, she came and got me. She said she had to go pee-pee. Yes! She has never done this before. I praised her again for coming and getting me to go to the potty. Of course, we didn't make it to the potty, but I told her that accidents happen. I reassured her that she might make it to the potty the next time and that it was good that she came and got me. The next few times, she had a fit when I came to get her to go to the potty. I'm talking about crying, her telling me no, and me having to drag her to the bathroom. Ugh! This is the part I hate about potty training. I tried the "shh, let's listen and hear the pee-pee" and "do you want a prize for pee-peeing in the potty?" She said that she wanted us to do the potty dance again. The problem is she wanted to do the potty dance without physically going to the potty. HELP! She was all for giving her diapers to babies because she's a big girl, she just doesn't want to go to the potty. Before her nap time, I put a pull-up on her. She didn't like that idea. She starting crying and getting upset again. I guess because it's so similar to a diaper, so I offered to put her mermaid panties on top of the pull-up. She seemed satisfied with it. If you sit back and look at the big picture, I would say that she wants to be a big girl. She is just having a difficult time learning how to be a big girl. I think too she just doesn't want to take time out to go do her business because it takes too much time away from playing. Of course, this is just an observation because she doesn't like to take naps either.


Laura said...

Go Katie!!

The Thorsrud Family said...

YEA KATIE! Can you just leave everything off of her (diapers, pullups) and let it irritate her when she goes in her panties? That way it's not you telling her what to do, she can figure it out on her own. Or would that not bother her?? haha. Maddie relapses all the time. GOOD LUCK!

sarah and allan said...

Potty training is not one of the funniest things to do.. but it's so so so worth it when you are done. Katie will get there. We did everything with emma. treats, stickers, pepe dance, big girl panties, and it's going to sound mean but i got so frustrated when she peed in a store that I finally spanked her outside that store and she didn't go anywhere but the toilet after that. At least when she was at our house she used the toilet. She knew where she was suppose to go she would just be tooo caught up in her playing to come get us that is why she got the spanking cause i knew she knew better. Sounds like Katie is normal! lol.. she'll get there.