Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bloomin' Festival

Grandma Peggy and Katie get their picture make at the Ave Maria Grotto

Peggy, Katie and I went to the annual Bloomin' Festival today. We had a good time, but were very tired by the time we left. There were several different vendors. We kept seeing little kids walking around with puppet animals like dogs, cats and bunnies. When we finally found the vendor, they had been picked through. Peggy and I didn't see any like we saw walking around that were precious.

Katie and her new friend, making a wish in the wishing well.

Liz - I saw this statue and I thought of Little Jake.

Grandma Peggy and Katie going on a train ride. Katie loved it!

Katie sliding down! Out of all the blow ups, this was Katie's favorite. We had the hardest time getting her out of it.

Katie gets her face painted. I was surprised how still she was the whole time. Of course, when the girl put her first brush of paint on her face, Katie had to touch it. After that she was very good getting her face painted.

Katie wanted a pink butterfly. It turned out real cute. Katie started crying because she didn't want to leave the slide. She really loved it. It was a beautiful day for the festival this year. We ate a strawberry icy and funnel cake. Katie liked the icy until she tried the funnel cake - YUMMY! She wouldn't eat anymore of the icy because she was too busy eating up the funnel cake. I have more pictures on the photosite.

Update on Mom
Yesterday, Mom did pretty good. She seemed very distracted while doing her exercises. Dad and her opened up the rest of their Christmas presents. The presents were from Sandy and Wade, Sarah and Allan and Doug and myself. They loved everything that they got. I brought a couple of videos for them to watch. They seemed to enjoy our big Snow Day, Katie Dancing with the Stars, Easter Egg Hunt and her reading to herself. Susan came to Mom and Dad's this morning and is planning to stay the night.


Laura said...

Loved the pics!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Well I always say this,.....but Katie is just so darn pretty. I love that dress on her. I think it's my favorite out of all of her new ones. Give her a big kiss from all of us.