Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tonight's Mystery Picture Results

Mystery Photo

From left to right: Doug, Donna, Kay, Shawn & Wayne. Did you guess correctly? This is so much fun, showing old photographs of Doug when he was little.

Here's a picture of my musically inclined husband. I'm guessing that he was probably 2 years old.

My Hands Are Full

Okay, I'm trying to understand that Katie is being carted off from house to house because of all the chaos right now. I can see where she is a little spoiled and confused as to what the rules are and who to mind. By this afternoon, I've just about lost my mind trying to deal with it. I know Katie just wants my attention, but today wasn't the day. I know I sound awful, but there are so many crisis' right now that I can't be every where. I spent a little time playing with Katie this morning before her nap, but she wouldn't let me go. She kept telling me to sit down and to please please please play with her. Every time I stood up to go do some work, she'd start in again begging and crying for me to play with her. Oh me, what has happened to my baby girl that she has to have me entertain her constantly now. I made sure she took an 1 1/2 hour nap before we went to Walmart. I knew that Ms. Evelyn would need paper products more than anything because all the company she's planning on receiving in the next couple of days. We got to Walmart and Katie starts, giving me problems sitting in the buggy. Ugh! At the time, the only way I could get her to cooperate with me was bribing her. I know I don't care for bribes either, but it calls for certain measures. I have to say, I only had to remind her about the prize once. I let her pick between gummies, books, and chips. She begged me for a doll. She said begging, "I need a doll Mommy. Please!" I couldn't find a Barbie doll for less than $5, so I had to tell her no. There were some "My Little Pony" on sale for $3.88. She found a Barbie in "Mariposa" storybook for $3 and had to have it.

At home, I unloaded my vehicle and took all the paper products straight over to Evelyn's house. Katie came with me, but soon became bored. She asked if she could play in her sandbox. I had no problem with her playing in her sandbox. A friend of Charles, Gary, helped me out by taking a few of our chairs over to Evelyn's house. On the way to our house, I noticed Katie was missing. Ugh! The child was stark naked going down Will's slide. All of her clothes were left by the sandbox. I was so embarrassed and Gary started laughing at her. He told me that he heard from Millard and Peggy that she was "something else." I told him, she was a hand full. I excused myself, chased Katie down and got her clothes back on. She asked me to clean off her picinic table. After I swept off her toys, she snuck off again. I thought she went back over to Will's slide and swing set again, but instead I saw her making her way down the driveway. I had enough! She was directed against her will into house. She cried and cried. I washed her up and she begged me to let her go back outside. Alright, she could go outside but in the back yard. I knew she could stay out of mischief in the back yard. Well, she threw a royal fit with me, so I put her in time out. She later decided to go in the back yard, if I put Montana up. I had no problem with it. She played real good for me in the back yard that is until she saw a spider. I've never seen such. She was yelling and crying because there was a spider on the back door. The spider was so small I had a hard time seeing, in fact she had to point it out to me. Then, she sees an ant on the step and begins to scream again. I guess she is a typical girl - afraid of bugs. I couldn't get her to calm down, so I had her come in the house. She was still whiny and I was about to loose my mind, while she complained about her bottom. Well, I laid her down I checked her out and what do I see but sand had rubbed her crack raw. Poor thing. After I cleaned her up real good and put some smooth butt on she felt much better.

What a day!?!

While I washed dishes, Doug was fixing Katie supper. She was treating him somewhat the same way she has treated me. I think he was beginning to get ticked off as well. I asked Doug if he would like to stay in the same room with me at the nut house. Unfortunately, he said no. Hum! I guess I'll have to find someone else to stay with me, so I won't be so lonesome. Tehe! After I put Katie to bed for the hundredth time tonight, she told me that she was afraid of her Daddy. I told her that she needed to be afraid of me and I heard Doug giggling in the next room. Wow! I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.

American Idol

I can't believe Brooke got voted off. I'm just astonished! I didn't get to see all of it tonight, but Doug fast forward to the elimination part of the show. I don't know who will be the final three now. I still say David Cook will win it.

We had to watch "The Waterhorse" one more time before I have to take it back to the Movie Gallery tomorrow. Katie just loves this movie, she smiles the whole time watching it. Tonight was the first time chance Doug was able to see it. I think he liked it as well.


sarah and allan said...

wasn't brooke leaving just the saddest thing you have ever seen? i liked her i hope she gets a record deal somewhere despite being voted off. Wow katie sounds like a handful. I think you are more patient than I am. I'm a spanker for sure. lol

The Thorsrud Family said...

WOW! Katie katie katie.....I sure hope that lil' strong will of hers comes in handy later in life. haha! I bet it will. I can't wait to see her, and get to know her a little better. One time when the in laws were here I would NOT win with Maddie. She was crying all the time. I got DESPERATE. I didn't know what to do, and the company was here. So we went into the bathroom and prayed. haha. We did! We prayed for everything for Maddie. Sure enough, we got out of the bathroom and she behaved. Nolan and the in laws were shocked and asked what I had done with her in the bathroom to make her behave so much better! haha. I never did tell them. I just now told Nolan just a couple weeks ago what I did. I was just about to kill her though, so God heard my prayer and saved Miss Maddie from a real butt whipping!

Anonymous said...

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