Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sad News!

Prayer Request
I would like to ask you for special prayer for a family me and my sisters grew up with, The Wiggins. June called me this morning with terrible news that she heard from Susan. A lady that my sisters went to school with and grew up with, Gleida(?) Wiggins, died in a house fire early this morning. She was only 46 years old, I believe. Sandy, you might remember her. Her older brother was Craig "Baby" Wiggins. I don't know what caused the fire. Mike Howell's children were staying with Gleida. When the fire began, Gleida got the older children out of the house and she went back in to get the smaller children (both 7 years old). Gleida and the two 7 year olds didn't make it out of the house. June said that the house burnt up so quickly that they didn't have a chance. According to Susan, the house stairs burnt up before they could get out of the house. They found Gleida and the children's bodies right next to each other. Gleida had her hand on the one child and the other child was right behind her. Susan and I talked tonight about it because it was on the local news. Neither one of us can imagine what these families might be going through, nor do we want to. This is such a sad story and their community is so upset over the news. I know in my heart, they are in God's loving hands right now and are not in any pain. It is very hard to grasp this concept at a time like this, but it's the truth. Please keep the Wiggins, Howell and Green families in your thoughts and prayers.

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