Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom Not Coming Home

Dad, Maryann and I went to the rehab center to meet with a couple of dietitians regarding Mom's diabetic diet. As you may know because of the steroids Mom's been on in the hospital, her blood sugar level has been hard to control without the help of insulin. She has never had sugar problems in the past, that's why doctors are saying it's because of the steroids. Dr. Adams feels that it is a temporary thing and soon her sugar will be back under control normally. Today, all three of us under went diabetes training 101 and oh my gosh the things I learned. Mom will have to have one shot a day along with a good diabetic diet and exercise.

As you also may know, Mom will not be able to come home tomorrow. Everyone including Mom is sad about this terrible news. While we were waiting to meet the dietitian about the diabetes, we ran into Mom's Physical Therapist, Anthony. Dad mentioned to him that he was looking for Mom in the gym, but didn't see her. Anthony told us that Mom wasn't feeling good this morning, so she didn't come down for her Physical Therapy. Dad said that she complained about having a real bad headache last night and wondered if that had anything to do with it. Anthony didn't know. He went on to say that Mom did real well yesterday with her walking. Normally, they've been walking her around 20-30 feet with her walker. He said she felt good yesterday, so they walked her 76 feet. This was excellent! We all decided that she probably over did it yesterday and was wore out this morning. Maybe that is why she didn't feel good. Well, the dietitian thought it would be a good idea, if we all moved into Mom's room to learn about diabetes. Oh my! Mom was sleeping and her face was so ashy. It concerned me, but I didn't want to upset Dad. We all noticed how bad she looked. Dad was more upset because she wouldn't look at him when we first came into her room. Her case worker, Julia, came in and said that Mom had a Urinary Tract Infection and will not be coming home tomorrow. Oh no. Mom was right about not holding her breath. Julia said that they started her on some antibiotics for the UTI as soon as they found out. She hopes that Mom will be able to go home Tuesday instead. I felt so bad for her and Dad. Dad was really down after hearing the news. For the past few days, it's been hard for all of us to stay positive and hopeful for a good outcome in her progress. There are times, where I wonder if it's time to look at the situation realistically. Maybe God is preparing me for worst that is to come. You never know about the outcomes and she's not dead yet. I just hate to see someone suffer as much as she has in the past several months. Please continue to pray for Mom and me as well.

We had the bad storms come through here as well. I think it was around 1:30 when Doug said there was some strong wind for just a few minutes, but it was enough to do some damage. He said that he heard a bang. He saw that one of our trees on our property fell over on our neighbor's house, damaging their carport. When the tree fell, it took down some power lines. The power line that was knocked down was connected for a transformer, which was the bang Doug heard. It blew! Doug even said that the pole was leaning and looked like it was ready to fall. He said that he could smell hot wires in Katie's room, so he went and turned off all the breakers. Our poor neighbor's power was off and they could smell hot wires as well. The fire department showed up and checked out both of our houses. They gave us an all clear and suggested an electrician check every thing before turning the breakers back on. He gave us an all clear and Doug soon turned the breakers back on. We soon discovered that one of our televisions died along with our microwave, VCR, and radio. Ugh! At least the TV that died wasn't our new one and wasn't the one we were going to give the girls. Shoo! More importantly, no one got hurt. Sometimes, you've got to look at the brighter side and Thank God for continually watching over us. The fire department cut up the tree and the power pole is back to normal. Our neighbor is still out of electricity and their carport is messed up big time, but insurance will take care of it.

We met up with a few old friends tonight for supper. I think I needed that after having a day like today. None of them have seen Katie since she was a baby, except for our friend, Diane. We have a friend, Trish, that lives in PA that came down to visit her sons. It was so good to see her and this was the first time she got to see Katie. Katie took to her right off the bat. I think it's because Trish reminds me of my sister, June. She acts and looks a little like her. As soon as we introduced Katie to Trish, Katie wanted Trish to hold her. Trish didn't know what to think, but was glad that she liked her enough to let her hold her. Katie was big buddies with Trish all night and she even wanted her to take her to the potty at the restaurant. We couldn't get over it. After we left the restaurant, Katie told me that she liked Diane and that other girl. I asked her "you mean Trish." "Uh, huh! I think Diane is cute and I think Trish is cute. I want to see her again." I have to say, Katie was a perfect little angel tonight. I was very impressed with her behavior. Everyone at the table went on and on about how well behaved she was. Doug and I corrected them right off the bat, she normally isn't like this.

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sarah and allan said...

OH I'm sorry about your mom. It's gotta be tough on everyone getting their hopes up and then back down. I"m also sorry to hear about all your stuff getting damaged. That stinks.My mom in Ky said their was some big storms in their area too. Yikes. I kinda miss thunderstorms. I would like to see some lightning and thunder just no damage. I"m tired of seeing snow. Next week we are "suppose" to have 70 degree weather. WE will see.. lol