Sunday, April 27, 2008

Having a Hoot!

Doug and I thought about it and decided to go ahead and visit Mom at the hospital. It was my Sunday to greet people coming into the church. After church, I picked Doug up and off we went. We got there early, so we decided to take in the sights. I guess we drove around for about 30 minutes and then headed back to the hospital. Doug and I were asked to wait for 10 minutes later to see Mom. The nurses had to do a procedure on Mom and it would take about 10 minutes. I've noticed that Mom is real swollen and to touch her skin, it's very cold. I'm all the time asking Mom if she's cold, but she is actually the opposite. She's been so warm that she asks for us to take the covers off of her. I just figured it was because of her antibiotics. Well, June and Dad said that Mom didn't like anyone to touch her skin because it was very sensitive this morning. The doctor said it was something about her sodium levels and that she needed an IV in her neck in order to feel better. I don't understand fully. They also put in a bowel bag in her as well. The nurse said Mom still had diahhrea and her skin is very irritated. They are afraid that she will begin to get bed sores, which means more infections. We don't need more infections. I asked the nurse, before we went in, how Mom was doing today. The nurse said that she wasn't doing so well today. While Doug and I were in with her, we didn't think she was doing good at all. She was moaning again and said her stomach hurt again. Ugh! I was so hoping that she would be doing better. Before we got to the hospital, June called me and let me know that her, Dad and Sandy got to meet with Dr. King. He told them that all of Mom's tests came back normal and there's nothing wrong with her Gall Bladder. He said she has the worse case of C.dif that he has ever seen.

We waited around for Sherry and Renee to arrive. They were able to make the 5:00 visitation. I was amazed that Mom was a little more alert. She looked much better than she did earlier today. I've noticed that her condition is like a yoyo (up and down). Her eyes were wide open and she was cutting up with Sherry. I was so glad to see that tonight. Later, Sherry and I were talking about stopping some where for Supper. She said she wanted to go to Hooters. My aunt is crazy, I know. I told her that we would meet her and Renee there for supper. We asked everyone else (Dad, Sandy, June, Nick, Jon, Sue, Tim, Doug, Maryann, Leslie, Natalie, and Whitney), if they would like to go to Hooters for Supper. We didn't have to say it twice around Tim, Nick and Jon. Their eyes lite up and they all said "yes, I going." Men?

There ended up being a total of 15 of us eating together. I asked the waitress if she could accommodate that many people. They made it work and I had a good time. We all made pictures with our camera phones. Natalie was the only one that had an actual camera in the car. She went back to the car to get it and came back snapping pictures of all of us. What started all the picture taking was Jon, who is 14 years old, asked Sandy if she would get him a Hooters calendar for his birthday. Ha! Ha! It was so funny to her that she went over and told Susan about it. "No, no, no!" she said. He isn't getting a calendar and then she whispered something in Sandy's ear. Then Sandy had a clever idea. Why don't we take a picture of him with a couple of Hooster's girls there at the restaurant? Great idea. Oh, Jon was all over that idea. His dimple was just a showing. The two Hoosters girls couldn't believe that Jon was only 14 years old.

Then Nick had to get into the action as well. Ha! Ha! I think we all had a good time picking on one another and just having a good time. I think we all needed a good laugh.

(From Left to Right)Renee, Sandy, Sherry & Susan. We all had some kind of hot wings except for Sandy, she gets Crab Legs. tehe! More pictures are on the photosite.

Renee and Sherry are staying in a hotel very close the Mom's hospital. They planned on seeing her again during the 8:00 visitation before going to their room.

If everything goes as planned, Peggy and Millard are going to have Katie spend the night with them again tomorrow night. This way I can ride down with Dad and Sandy on Tuesday and visit Mom. I hope she continues to improve. Thank you so much for all of the prayers for Mom and our family. They are much appreciated.

I haven't seen Katie since Friday at 1:30, I believe. I missed her so much and I think she missed me a little. When we walked in the house, Peggy was rocking her. She was all smiles. When she finally gave me a kiss and hug, she wouldn't let go of me. Then as I'm talking to Peggy and trying to tell her all I knew about Mom, Katie insisted on having all of my attention. Everytime I was talking to Peggy and not her, she would take her hands and physically turn my head towards hers and start smiling. When she figured out that it wasn't working, she tried covering up my mouth and telling me "shhhhh!" By this time, Peggy and I both were giggling. Then, Katie got all wound up and wanted me to get down in the floor with her and play. "Come on Mom, let's play. Come on, come on, come on" she insisted. After Peggy and Millard left to go home, I took her in the bedroom to put on her PJs. "I not ready to go to bed Mom. I want to play" she said. We all ended up in the King size bed watching TV, Katie is eating fries, Doug's asleep and I'm blogging. What a wonderful end to a stressful day?

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I like how Jon has his arms draped around the he's happ,y but uncomfortable. Then Nick has his holding the girls closer....He seems to be comfy and enjoying the heck out of it. Naughty naughty! haha. It's good to see a few smiles down there. Give everyone a hug and kiss, till I get down there and can give them myself :P