Monday, April 7, 2008

We're Still At It

Potty Training Update
I have to say that yesterday's potty training was interesting. I left the diaper off of Katie all day including last night. After her nap time, I made her go outside and get some fresh air. I put a pair of vinyl panties on her. I kept trying to get her to go potty outside. I tried making it a big deal, but she wouldn't go potty. Finally, after trying and trying to get her to pee in the yard, she peed in the vinyl panties. I could tell because the way she was walking that it was full. I asked her if she peed. "Uh, huh" she replied. I told her that she should have taken her panties off and pee-peed in the yard. Then she decided to take her panties off. Doug couldn't get over what we were doing. He was all beside himself. "She doesn't need to go naked out in public" he said. I had a little section screened from the street to the side of the house for her to go to the bathroom. The screen was made of folding lawn chairs and her picnic table. I told Doug, if it would help to get her started on potty training that we needed to encourage her. He still couldn't get over me trying to get her to go potty outside.

This morning, she did not want to go to the potty. I told her that if she pee-pees in her panties that I will have to put baby diapers back on her. She got upset and decided to go with me to the bathroom and sit on the potty. She didn't do anything in the potty, but at least she went. She told me that she wanted to wear panties and not baby diapers. While I was putting on her panties, she said she wanted to be a big girl. Later she said that she wanted to give the babies her diapers. This is encouraging that is until she peed on the Living Room floor. What was aggravating is that I just got through trying to encourage her to go to the potty. She kept telling me no and that she didn't want to go to the potty. I made it a big deal that she got her panties and her favorite dress all wet. She said she was sorry and that she would be a good girl. I asked her if she needed to wear baby diapers. "No, I wear my big girl panties" she said. I made her help me wipe up the pee. Of course, this took time out of her play time, so she didn't like it too well. I hope this will help me get it in her head not to pee in her panties. In the over all day, she pee-peed in the potty three times. All the rest were in her panties. This is so aggravating! I told Doug tonight, she reminds me of a puppy that's not house broken. You don't know that she pee-peed on the floor until you walk in it. YUCK!

American Idol
I believe that was the worst performance I've heard from David Cook and Carly Smithson. Doug and I couldn't believe our ears. They have been our favorite this whole time, but that was awful. And what's so bad is the judges thought it was great. I'm sorry, maybe my hearing is a little off or something. Doug didn't even like it. Typical David Archuleta gave us another boring performance. His way of kicking it up a notch is singing louder.

Hell's Kitchen
Tonight's show made me feel a little better after wasting my time watching AI. I couldn't believe Cory actually thought nominating Jenn & Christina for personal reasons, and telling Chef Ramsey that they were for personal reasons, was a brilliant idea. How stupid. Doug and I both knew that Ramsey wouldn't tell either one of those women to leave Hell's Kitchen. Doug was expecting him to tell Cory to hit the road, but she did a great job with the rosotto. I figured Cory would be smart and nominate Sharon because her and Ramsey don't get a long and she's been making mistakes left and right. Nope, it had to be Ramsey to tell Sharon to leave.

CPSC Recall Notice

I believe this entire blog has been negative. I'm sorry. Hopefully, I'll get an attitude adjustment tomorrow before I blog again.

Hope you have a good day!

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