Monday, January 7, 2008

Beautiful Winter Day!

What a beautiful January day!?! The sun was shining and the temp reached a comfortable 70 degrees with the wind blowing. I had to get some laundry washed because I've been gone for so long. Katie stayed right around my feet most of the morning. She wanted to go with me to the mailbox and that's all it took. I had a terrible time getting her back in the house. She said she would stay right around the house and not go to the road. I still was uncomfortable leaving her unattended for any length of time, while washing clothes. I pulled out the truck and blocked the driveway, this seems to help block her play vehicles from rolling away. All it took was a second. Katie was playing in the carport, so I went and got another load of laundry. When I went to check on her, she wasn't there. I looked over to the sandbox and then around the truck. There she was following her ball across the street. UGH! I'm such a terrible Mother. I ask God just about every day, why He blessed me with this job and I can't seem to do a good job. I think someone else could do a better job at it then me. Of course, I saw that there was no traffic on the road, so I got a switch and here we go. She saw me coming and she began telling me what happened. In so many words, she told me she was getting her ball because it ran away from her. Thankfully, our next door neighbor saw Katie and she was on her way to get her. Apparently, our neighbor saw the whole thing and was defending Katie because she said that she saw the ball get away from her. I had to switch Katie because she knows not to get in the road. As soon as I got her back up in the yard and my heart slowed down, I sat her down and explained that if her ball gets away to come get Mom. "Okay, Mom." she said. I couldn't trust her staying outside without me and I hated to make her come inside because she was having so much fun. Her and I went walking around in the back yard. I wanted to see if there was anything back there that she might get hurt. I really don't care for our back porch because it doesn't have a rail, but Doug says she does good around it. I decided to move her to the back yard with Montana. I showed her all the poopies and explained they were nasty. I watched her as she walked around them. Thankfully, Montana isn't a kind of dog that will poopy just any where. He has a particular spot where he does his business. I showed Katie where not to go and she did pretty good about hanging close to the house. I moved her slide and a few other toys back there with her. I felt comfortable leaving her toys back there because Montana never learned to raise his leg to pee. Yes, he may be gigantic but he's a sissy when it comes to going to the bathroom. I guess she stayed back there for an hour before wanting to come inside. There was a time or two when she begged to go in the front yard to play, but she got over it when I said no. I think our front yard playing days are over and I knew it was a matter of time before we had to move to the back yard.

I spoke with Sherry and she seemed pleased with Mom's progress today. I guess Mom is going to have her off and on days. She said they didn't have to make Mom do her therapy that she did it all on her own and very well she might add. When I spoke to Sherry around 10:00, Mom was taking a shower because she wanted to wash her hair before she went to the rehab clinic. Mom arrived by ambulance to the rehab clinic this afternoon. Dad and Sherry met her there and got her all tucked in before they left for the day. Tomorrow will tell us where Mom will be headed. We're suppose to get chance of storms tomorrow, so I'm not getting Katie out in the weather to visit Mom. We'll see what the weather will look like on Wednesday or Thursday. I know Mom would love to see Katiebug. I just hope Katie will be a good girl while we're there. She asks about Grandma Jerry a lot. She knows she's sick and in the hospital. Doug and I have caught her a time or two pretending to talk on the phone saying that Grandma Jerry was sick in the hospital.

Doug had to go back to work after two weeks off for Christmas and New Years. I think he hated the idea of going back, but tomorrow will be a little better for him. You know how it is going back for the first time after a long vacation. Those first couple of days are torcher, but you finally get back in the groove. I know Katie and I had a hard time getting back in the groove. In fact, I'm still trying to catch up from two weeks ago. Doug also started back to school as well. He is taking Project Management this Semester. Sounds like fun. Huh?

I still have our Christmas up in hopes Mom will come home soon, but not too soon. We want her to be able to walk into her house without pain. When this happens, we are going to have a huge Christmas/New Year's/Birthday party for her. Yes, I said birthday because her 72nd birthday is right around the corner. I believe we've all agreed, sisters, it would be best if we move the party over to June and Pat's house. This way, if Mom begins to get tired, she can just walk to her house to rest. Doug took down Frosty & the Christmas tree from outside last night and it was the first thing Katie noticed this morning. She asked, "Mommy, where's Frosty & Christmas Tree?" I tried to explain, Christmas was over and we are looking forward to Valentines Day. "But Momma," she said stunned. "I wanna see Santa Claus again. Okay?" I told her no, we'll see Santa Claus next year, but she has to be good all year. I guess we will have to take a little bit of our Christmas down at a time. The tree and Christmas decor have been up long enough.

By the way, I've got photos of Sandy's visit on our photosite, if you would like to check it out. Take care and have a wonderful week.

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