Thursday, January 24, 2008

Katie and I visited Mom this afternoon. She was so tired, but she looked great. I think she felt better because her hair was fixed nice & her makeup was on. When we first got there, she was in bed resting. She asked Dad to help her get up because she wanted to go in the Living Room to visit with us. This was the first time I've seen her walk since this whole ordeal. She did so well with the walker. By the time she got to her new wing back chair, she was out of breath. Bless her heart, she did so good. She was a little hungry, so I fixed her some soup. She ate a little of soup before her stomach became upset and her back was hurting. Mom insisted that Katie and I open up our Christmas presents from her and Dad. They got Katie a Barbie Cosmetic Set and a pair of Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) shoes. Doug and I got some well needed bath towels. The chair Dad bought Mom is real nice and Mom loves it. Katie really likes the ramp Dad built for Mom. He also made a nice coat rack to replace the coat tree. He did a real good job! We didn't stay very long.

On the way home, we stopped by KFC and picked up a bucket of chicken for supper. Doug and Katie were so nice to get me a supply of Bath and Body Works. Doug got me a Cherry Blossom gift set, a few soap dispensers, Enchanted Orchid lotion (new fragrance) and Katie got me a Moonlight Path gift set. I love it all! Doug's got us a babysitter for tomorrow. I don't know if we're going out to eat, but we are going to see a movie. I'm stuck between "Untraceable" and "27 Dresses."

Sue, Maryann & June were so nice to call me and wish me a happy birthday. I had a wonderful birthday.

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