Thursday, January 3, 2008

Couch Potato

Doug and I stayed home today. I actually got to sleep in late or at least tried. I could have shot Montana for howling several times throughout the morning. Ugh! But Aunt Sherry was nice enough to call this morning at 9:30 a.m. She couldn't believe I was still in bed so late. I tried to explain to her that I stayed up until after midnight last night, but she began talking. Oh well. I just felt like being lazy today, take my time doing things around the house. Katie was in one of her aggravating moods. She wanted me to hold her, which was okay until I had to get a few loads of laundry done. We had absolutely no towels and I knew Jon would be staying with us tonight, so I had to get some washed. Of course, while I was folding up clothes Katie had to help. Her helping is throwing all the CLEAN clothes all over the Living Room. I kept telling her no baby that's okay, Mommy will do it. Nope! She insisted on helping, which soon after I was about to loose my mind. When Jon got here, she aggravated him up until it was time to go to bed. Poor boy! She kept stealing his cap from him and playing with it. Then she insisted he go where she wants him to go. I'd hear her say, "come on Jon, come in here." Poor thing even tried to hide from her. She'd ask me or Doug where "her" Jon was. We'd tell her that we had not seen him. Then she'd start hollering throughout the house for Jon. When she finally found him, she'd say, "I found you!" All night it was "I wanna see my Jon." "I wanna tell my Jon goodnight." Have you caught on to the "my" yet? Jon kept telling us that he has never seen a baby, her age, be so active like that before. He laughed at her all night, how she would play and aggravate him. I had to calm her down several times because she was playing too rough. For instance, she got on Jon's shoulders and began pulling his hair. She wanted to play catch with Jon in the house with a tennis ball. Then, she started hitting him as a game. Ugh! Doug rented a couple of movies for us, "Pirates of the Caribbean III" and "Rush Hour 3." Maybe it was because I was running around the house, but I couldn't get into the "Pirates of the Caribbean III." I stayed lost most of the time. Sue told me that I would have to watch the first movie all the way through the third movie to fully understand everything. Beings that I don't have any of the collection, I guess I will have to borrow them from her one day. I couldn't laugh too much with "Rush Hour 3" because Katie fell asleep in my arms while rocking her. Again, she was being so difficult today. I had the hardest time keeping her in her bedroom for nap time. I agreed to rock her for a little bit. I knew as soon as I tried to lay her down, she would wake up and that would be all she wrote. She ended up sleeping for an hour.

I kept in touch with Dad, Sandy, Sherry, and Sue with regards to Mom's condition. They seemed to be encouraged with Mom's ambition to a full recovery. Even though her appetite hasn't come around full force, she is keeping solid foods down and is drinking lots. She hasn't had a fever all day. Whoopee! She underwent physical therapy twice today and in between she did some exercises on her own, which is a big encouragement. One of the Neurosurgeons, that performed the last back surgery, wasn't impressed with the strength in her legs. He ordered another MRI on her back this evening to see if everything is alright. We should find out the results some time in the morning. Mom is taking just Tylenol for pain and is doing well with it. The antibiotics seems to be working fine with her. Sue told me later tonight that today was the first day, she's seen Mom with big eyes and talking up a storm. What a relief? Maryann and I are planning to see her tomorrow. Maybe it will give Dad, Sandy and Sherry a break from staying there for so long. I don't know what it is, but sitting/standing in a hospital for a few hours, wears me slap out.

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