Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger Found Dead?

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the news on the radio yesterday that Heath Ledger was found dead at his apartment in Manhattan. What a tragedy. The first time I saw Heath's acting was on the movie "The Patriot" co-starring with Mel Gibson. What a fox! I've been attracted to his films since. Well, all except "Brokeback Mountain." That film is probably what messed him up. He was great in "10 Things I Hate About You" and "A Knight's Tale." There are rumors that stress and drugs are involved, but I don't know if anything has been proven.

Okay, I didn't get much sleep last night because I got 25 items listed on eBay to sell. Yes, I DID IT! Can you actually believe I got the nerve and went ahead and did it? Well, they haven't sold yet, but at least I made the first step. I would love to be a Sales Representative for "Rosalina" and/or "Kelly's Kids." I just don't have enough self-confidence. When I was in school, one thing I absolutely hated to do was having to sell things to raise money. I remember the sucker & candy bar sales for FBLA, bake sales for band, magazine & book sales for class room supplies. The list goes on and on. At least with "Rosalina" & "Kelly's Kids" brand name clothing has a good name for themselves. I think the name would sell itself. I wished I could look inside a crystal ball and see if I could make a living off of selling these products on eBay. Anyway, I added a couple more dresses this morning to sell off of eBay. They are all baby girl clothes. Some Katie hardly wore at all. From sizes 12-2T and I believe I've got a 9 month old sweater listed as well. You can look me up "windynbama."

Oh, I got Katie's new dress in the mail today. It is so pretty! She will be adorable in it for Easter. I just love eBay. It sure does beat having a yard sale. Yuck!

I spoke to Dad today and he sounds like a little boy that hasn't seen his Mommy in a week. He is all excited about Mom coming home tomorrow. He went out and bought her a new wing back recliner, seat for the bath tub, extension for the potty, and etc. He said he built Mom a ramp to the back porch. He moved things around the house, so she can get her walker around a little easier. I have to say, he has really showed his more emotional/sensitive side a little more since Mom's been in the hospital. Dad and I were suppose to visit Mom yesterday, but she was scheduled to get her hair done. With all the well needed rain we got yesterday, Mom said last night that the lady wasn't able to come to the hospital and do her hair. So, she was rescheduled for today. I think if Mom could get her hair done, it would make her feel so much better. I didn't talk to Mom last night, but Dad said she didn't get sick at all and she ate all of her supper. She hasn't been able to eat all of her meals because she is sick at her stomach all the time. Well, Sue told me today that they've got her on anti-depressants as a prevention. Mom asked the nurse to not give her the anti-depressants and she didn't get sick all day. Sue asked her if she was depressed and she said no that they wanted her to take them so she won't get depressed. What??? Sue talked to a friend of hers and she said that some anti-depressants can make you sick at your stomach. Maybe when Mom gets home and gets off the anti-depressants, she'll feel lots better.

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