Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pushing Mom's Buttons

When Katie got up this morning, she couldn't understand that all the snow was gone. Well, all the snow was gone, except for our partly melted snowman. She told me that she wanted to make another snowman. I had to tell her, we have to wait for it to snow again. She looked at me so funny. We are to expect a few flurries some time tomorrow evening. I believe further East, they are expected to get up to two inches of snow. It would be so nice to get two inches here.

Little Katie's schedule never has been to the minute. I've tried my best considering, we never know what's going to happen from day to day. Her naps have nearly been destroyed. Day before yesterday, she ended up taking a late nap. Because of the snow yesterday, she ended up taking a late nap. I tried every which a way and she wouldn't take a nap for me today. If she doesn't take a nap in the afternoons, she's either whiny or likes to push my buttons. Today, she's pushing my buttons! I found the switch on top of the refrigerator and threatened her with it. She turned to me in her prissy little way and let me know that "I just a little girl." I told her that little girls mind their Mommies. She continued without a second thought and let me know that I was the Mommy and she was Katie. I told her again about minding me and all she would say was that she was just a little girl. I have to really gather myself while trying to discipline her.

I got the new dress, I won off of eBay, for Katie in mail today. I was so surprised! It was a good surprise, but surprising to get it so quick. An added bonus, the lady included a white bow head band. I didn't see where she was going to include the head band. Nice. The dress fits perfectly! I'll have to adjust the buttons on the straps, so she can wear it for Easter. The dress goes down to Katie's ankles, hopefully she'll be able to wear this dress for a long time. Peggy was here when I got it and she couldn't believe it was a pillow case. It's so pretty and Katie loves it! I'm definitely giving this seller excellent remarks for the purchase.

I spoke to Mom tonight and she sounded tired. She said she got to walk up a few steps today. She said it was a little tough, but she did it. She is so excited about coming home soon. I know she misses everyone, just being home again and not in a hospital. She said Dad was still there and Whitney and Zane were on their way to visit her.

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