Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Lastest News!

Pictured are Elk shot by Wade & a buddy. Congratulations Wade! They are pretty.

I got out some videos from last Easter and oh my gosh, I can't get over how little Katie was. She seems to like looking at herself and she knows that it's her. I finished up the disc from the Snow Day. We watched it as well and Katie wanted to see more. My baby girl is growing up so fast!

Aunt Sherry asked me to measure her when she is 2 1/2 years old and then double it to see how tall she will be when she reaches adulthood. Well, she's 2' 11 1/2" tall. According to my figures, this means she's expected to grow to 5' 11". You'll have to double check my figures and let me know if I'm right. I weighed her last week and she was a whopping 31 lbs. I think she is going through a growth spurt because she could not get enough to eat. I believe she's ate more today than she has eaten in a long time. For breakfast, she had several grapes & strawberries on top of two pancakes. For lunch, she had 6 chicken nuggests with a couple of chips. For supper, she wanted more pancakes. She ate two pancakes and peanut butter crackers.

I checked on Mom this morning. Yesterday, the doctor suggested she sleep on the right side of the bed and see if she'll have pain getting out of bed. Unfortunately, she still had pain getting out of bed. Ugh!! I was so hoping, she wouldn't have pain this time. Dad said she was sick again because breakfast.

eBay News!

Well, all 27 of my auctions have ended. Wow! What a trip? Because I put on my description that I would ship the items next day, I had to get on the ball this morning. Eight people have been nice enough to pay immediately after the auction was over. Beings this was the first time I've ever sold clothing off of eBay, I had to do my homework. I spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to combine shipping cost and fill out the USPS shipping forms. I hope I got everything filled out correctly. I guess we'll find out soon. Since I got six buyers packages ready by 11:45 a.m., I decided to just drop them off at a local USPS drop off. The other two I got ready tonight and was able to schedule a carrier pickup for tomorrow.

Things I've learned:
  • Don't stay up all hours of the night, just because I have the opportunity to get the items listed without interruptions. I didn't realize if I listed an item at 3:00 a.m. that the auction would end at 3:00 a.m. 7 days later.
  • Don't list so many items at one time. Wow! I got a little overwhelmed late last night and early this morning. Shoo!

I think I did alright with the auctions. I sold 25 items out of 27. Now, the real test will be if all the buyers will keep to their commitment. I've sent out all invoices to remind them to please pay, so I can ship out their clothes.

If you're thinking about selling on eBay, right now is the time to do it. I got a notice last night that they have temporarily lowering their fees for sellers until February 25th (I think that's the right date). I'm preparing another auction soon. I'll let you know.

Phanfare News!

I got an email message from Phanfare, our photosite. In order to tighten up security, they are expecting to upgrade our photosite any time from now to the 15th of February. While they are upgrading, I won't be able to have access to my account. I will be notified when the upgrade is complete. Along with this upgrade comes changes to sharing of photos. The new Phanfare will not have completely open sites to the public. Only my invited viewers will be able to connect with my photo albums. Be watching in the future for my invitation! If you accept my invitation, Phanfare will walk you through and assign you your own login (your email address) & password to access our site. Plus, you can create your own albums to share with me, if you desire at no cost to you.


Laura said...

Wow! Alise only weighs 3 more pounds than Katie!!! Katie must really be filling out! That's good news! Pancakes? Alise likes the mini Eggo waffles.

Anonymous said...

Nice Elk huh? Wade has spent the last couple nights getting them cut up and in the freezer. I can't wait to make jerky. Congrats on your Ebay selling. Sounds like you were having fun. Give Mom our love, I'll call her when I get some time off work. Love, Sandy