Friday, January 11, 2008

SBP Homecoming - Congrats Nicholas!

Congratulations Nicholas! Nic was crowned Homecoming King 2008 tonight during SBP basketball game's half time. Nic was so surprised that he got king and was even more surprised when they let his Mom put the crown on his head. I will get the other pictures on the photosite as soon as possible. By the way, the Saints blew Lynn HS off the campus. I don't remember the score because my hands were a little full with Katie and her new friend, Katie.

Katie had a great time at the ball game tonight. We pretty much kept it a secret from her until we got to the gym. She knew we were going some where because I got ready and she got a bath before we left. I put one of her favorite dresses on her tonight, fairies. She told me that she was ready to go. I asked her where she was going and she said, "I see Lolly and Junie." At the game, She met a little girl, 4 years old, named Kaitlyn. Her Mommy and Daddy call her Katiebug as well. It was kind of funny because there was a third girl sitting close by with the name Kaitlyn. When some one would yell Kaitlyn, all of us, parents and girls, would look to see who was calling. Kaitlyn and Katie had a great time playing together while the game was going on. When everyone would begin clapping for the team, they got so excited and began jumping up and down, clapping and carrying on. There were times, when Katie would get a little crazy and I was afraid she would fall over the bleachers. Katie shared her snacks with Kaitlyn, I had M & M's, Peanut Butter crackers, Smarties and gummies. The girls ate all the M&M's, gummies and Smarties. They were so wound! Kaitlyn was still hungry for more candy, I had to tell her that I was afraid her Mommy would ring my neck if I gave her any more. Kaitlyn was such a talker and tell stories about her life that were so funny. I told June that will be Katie in a couple of years. Ugh! Like all kids, Kaitlyn couldn't wait to tell us about her dog's poop, how a little boy fell on his butt and what her Mommy and Daddy does. So funny, I could tell her parents were getting a little embarrassed. She was also good at telling Katie about butts. I brought Katie's dolls for her to play with and Kaitlyn showed her that they were naked. Swell! I don't know if Katie understood completely, but she would just laugh at Kaitlyn. When the game was over, the girls hated leaving each other. In fact, Kaitlyn began crying and hugging on Katie. Oh, it made me feel so bad.

I have to tell this story. Earlier today, Katie was in the floor playing with her dollhouse. By the way Moms, this is the best toy ever! Out of the blue, Katie tells me, "Mom, I like my house (referring to the dollhouse)." Then she begins hugging it. I told her, I guess Santa did a good job getting you that house. "Yes," she replied. "I wanna see Santa again, okay?" She asked. I explained to her that Santa was back home at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas next year. "I wanna open more presents." She added. Oh, now the truth comes out. Forget Santa, she just wants the gifts. I reassured her that she's got more gifts to open later. I was referring to the family get together when Mom gets home, in about two-three weeks. I thought that was funny and had to share it.

I didn't get to speak to Mom tonight because her nurse was in the middle of doing a culture on her back. Wednesday when we visited Mom, there was ooze coming out of her back where she had the back surgeries. Mom said tonight, the doctor wanted a culture done on it to see what's going on with it. Hopefully, it won't be anything serious. Since it was getting late, I told Mom that I would talk to her tomorrow. I called Aunt Sherry and she was so thrilled about Mom progress. She said, with a little bit of help, Mom was able to go from her bed to the wheel chair and sit in it. Sherry could tell today, Mom seems to be getting stronger and doing a little more. She said we would be very proud of her. I'm so relieved. Now, if she can get her bladder to working properly. She still has to have a catheter put in her, in order to empty her bladder. From what I understand, one of the therapist have already shown Mom how to put it in herself. Maryann and Dad are still suppose to meet with the rehab therapist on Wednesday about Mom. I'm pretty sure they are therapist because they are suppose to show Dad and Maryann some therapy techniques to use on Mom, when she gets home.

We are planning a little get together at June and Pat's to tell Roger and Sherry goodbye. They are still planning to leave here Monday morning. We are going to grill out and I'm suppose to bring the salad. Doug wants everyone to try his new recipe "Buffalo Style Chicken Dip." The sample I tried was pretty good, but a little too hot for me. He promises to cut down the heat a lot because I know if it was a little too hot for me, it will be awful for my family members. I'm surprised Susan puts regular black pepper on any of her meals. June and Sue can't handle the HEAT.

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