Thursday, January 24, 2008




I've already got a call from my sissy this morning to wish me a very happy birthday. It was so cute. I told Katie that it was Mommy's birthday and she acted all surprised. "It's your birthday, Mom?" she asked. "Yes, it is." I told her. "Happy birthday, Mom." she said. I told her thank you. She saw me looking for a clip art to put on my blog and she said, "I love your birthday Mom" and then she hugged me. Isn't that sweet? Then she went on and asked me if it was Daddy's birthday. "Nope, just Mommy's birthday." I answered. She asked, "is it my birthday?" as she was pointing to herself. "No, not today." I answered. Then she started with the list of people she knew and asked if it was their birthday. "No, no. Just Mommy's birthday." I answered. She said she wanted a Tinkerbell birthday. I told that I thought she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake or Hello Kitty birthday party. "I want Tinkerbell, Mom." she said. Okay, I guess we'll keep Tinkerbell on the list of possible birthday party themes.

Okay, I'm absolutely loving eBay! Isn't this sad? Here it is my birthday and the first thing I do is turn on the computer to see how my auctions are going. They still have well over 5 days left on it and I have 8 bids out of 27 items. There are several watches on all my auctions except for three.

Doug and I were talking about may be going out tomorrow night, since it will be Friday night. He normally doesn't like scary movies, but he said he would watch "Untraceable" with me. All right! I told him that if we don't see "Untraceable," may be we could see "27 Dresses."

Katie loves to sing. I catch her singing all the time. She sings songs that she hears off the TV (Little Einsteins, Jack's Big Music Show, and Blue's Clues). She still sings "Some Where Over The Rainbow," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "Jesus Loves Me," and etc. It is so cute. The only problem is video taping her singing. Because as soon as she sees that she has an audience, she'll shut up or get really quiet.

Dad and Maryann are going this morning to meet with Mom's doctors, therapist & pick her up to come home. I couldn't get a hold of Mom last night by phone. I think it was because she finally got her hair done. Sue said she was finally able to get a hold of her last night around 8:30. She said she sounded great. Mom was glad to get her hair fixed and she is so excited to be coming home. I wanted to take Supper over tonight for Dad and Mom, but Dad told me to hold off because Mom will be on a specific cardiac diet. I got online last night and The Mayo Clinic has a link to all kinds of recipes for Cardiac patients. I might make a dessert, "Peach Crumble," this weekend for her. The recipe sounds real good and easy.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We love you!